Traveling with Tots: 3 Things to Keep in Mind When Traveling With Kids

Traveling with Tots: 3 Things to Keep in Mind When Traveling With Kids

“In the end, kids will not remember that fancy toy or game you bought for them. They will remember the time you spent with them.” -Kevin Heath

Traveling with kids is an excellent avenue for bonding with them. You spend time together outside of the confines of your home, get to know each other better, relax together and foster great memories from the trip. As a result, you cultivate a better relationship with your children and they, in turn, would have fonder and better memories of their childhood. Unfortunately, traveling with you little tots is not always as easy as it seems. Although it might be an enjoyable experience, it can also present itself as a nightmare. Seeing as it can go either way might not be something parents would want to look forward to, but they can have themselves adequately prepared to ensure that the trip goes as smoothly as planned. Some of the things parents can do are advance planning and sufficient preparation—these are just two of the things you can do to at least expect a fun and uncomplicated travel. Although there is no guarantee that your little tots would not be causing trouble or tantrums during your trip, it would still be best to make this trip as comfortable as you can for both you and your kids.

So, whether you are planning a day trip in Pampanga to visit Alviera or someplace else entirely, here are things you should know beforehand:

1.) Pack right

This one is crucial as it ensures that you have all the necessary items with you when you travel. If you are bringing toddlers with you, make sure you have enough diapers. Remember, you might be going someplace where there are no convenience stores available. Furthermore, you do not really want to dampen your itinerary with too many trips to stores. Similarly, if part of your itinerary is heading to the mountains then pack warm clothes. Additionally, it would be helpful to pack your child’s favorite toy to keep him or her comfortable during long trips. Anything your child might be attached to you might want to bring (if these are handy) as you would need to replicate some settings of your home to make it easier for your child to adapt to the new environment.

2.) Play games

While it might be tempting to just hand over your smartphone or tablets to your kids while you are traveling abroad to keep them quiet, it is inadvisable to depend too much on technology. Instead, try to play old school games with your kids or even introduce them to board games and books during these long journeys. In this way, you ensure that your child does not become too dependent on technology at such a young age. Similarly, to build up your child’s excitement, you can tell them about the place you are visiting or regale them with tales of the place. Furthermore, you can tell them what they can expect or the activities you will be doing so that they would look forward to arriving all the more.

3.) Pack medicines

If your child has any known food allergies, it would be best if you packed the necessary medicines with you. Additionally, if your child is on prescription medications, then you should pack all his or her essential drugs—regardless of how long or short the trip will be. These are needed in order to be on the safer side. Before your departure, you might also want to inform the family doctor about your trip so that you can easily contact him or her in case of emergency.


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