Travel Preparations: Things to Know Before Traveling to a Foreign Asian Country

Travel Preparations: Things to Know Before Traveling to a Foreign Asian Country


“You know more of a road by having traveled it than by all the conjectures and descriptions in the world.”-William Hazlitt


There is no doubt that traveling to a foreign country gives you the kind of rush that you can only get from being somewhere new.
Immersing yourself in new places, cultures and meeting the locals would only be a fraction of the slew of spectacular things you would get to experience. However, before booking that flight or planning that itinerary to Pampanga, Philippines or any Asian country elsewhere, know that there are things you should be aware of before even taking off. To ensure you are adequately prepared for your excursions or anything, take a gander at what you should prepare below:

1.) Check the VISA Requirements

Much like how the United States would require visas from individuals coming from different countries before allowing them entry, so do some Asian countries. In this regard, it is best to come prepared. Before booking a ticket, know your destinations visa laws. After all, the more prepared you are, the less likely you will be denied boarding a plane at the airport. Take note: laws vary from one country to the other and can change without prior notice. Never assume that you can simply get a visa issued in every country, it is best to know before you even go.

2.) Contact your banks

If you intend to use your credit card while abroad, ensure that you notify your banks beforehand. Your bank might issue a fraud alert if they see new charges pop up in foreign countries—especially if the country in question is in Asia. Having your credit cards canceled while you are abroad can be an incredible hassle and can cause an inconvenience to your trip. So, let your banks know prior to your scheduled date of departure.

3.) Know the exchange rate

Although prices in Asian countries would seem significantly cheaper at face value, know that this is not the same for all Asian countries. It is still best to know the exchange rate of the country you elect on visiting to avoid mindlessly spending on anything you might come across. Moreover, it is imperative to know the local currency and current exchange rate if you intend to exchange money rather than use the local ATM.

4.) Get travel insurance

One thing that most travelers overlook is getting themselves insured which can be incredibly risky—even if you do not intend to do any extreme or dangerous sports or activities. Remember, traveling to some Asian countries can a bit more dangerous than the others. Travel insurance is affordable and it protects you from accidents or theft while you are abroad. However, if you already have a travel insurance plan, let them know about the new country you are visiting during your trip. Do not simply rely on the insurance on credit cards as there would be rarely enough coverage.

5.) Check for any events or festivals

Visiting a foreign Asian country on peak dates such as events and festivals means you would have to compete with other tourists and even locals when it comes to visiting main attractions. Moreover, room prices would be priced at a premium during these holidays and getting around would prove to be a challenge. Indeed, it can be quite the hassle to unexpectedly arrive just before or in time for a significant event, so ensure that you do your research first. Alternatively, if you do not mind, you can just roll back your travel date or just create a new travel itinerary to accommodate the festival, enjoy it while still visiting main attractions.


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