Travel Etiquette: Five Unknown Rules of Flying You are Inadvertently Breaking

Travel Etiquette: Five Unknown Rules of Flying You are Inadvertently Breaking

“Travel is the best investment you can make in yourself. It teaches you that there are many ways to live a good, fulfilled life. It broadens your world view, yet makes you appreciate the home all the more.” –Joel Sartore

You may have been flying all of your life and are still caught unaware by the myriad of unspoken rules you might be inadvertently breaking.
While traveling by plane has always been seen as a fairly straightforward way to get from one point to another without so many frills and rules, the truth is most of us are just straight up ignorant of them. Sure, some courtesy and manners are rudimentary and are expected of you. But what about those unheard of rules–the expected conduct and etiquette one should have when one is airborne? Or even in airports? Well, before you start flying onward to your next destination, take a gander at this list and before booking that hotel in Cebu City, try to see if you are guilty of committing any of these:

1.) Do not ask whether you can skip someone in the security line

Skipping the security line and going straight to the boarding gate is certainly one way of expediting the entire process of checking-in. However, for security and safety reasons, each and every one of us is required to go through it. All is well and good if you actually arrived on time, but if you arrived late and are in a hurry, going through security check would seem like just another cumbersome and unnecessary step of the process. Sure, you can ask to skip in line but you are placing them in a moral dilemma of looking like a total jerk in denying you that. Remember, it was not their responsibility to come in early, it is yours. So, avoid this by leaving for the airport in a timely manner and do not force strangers into a situation wherein they have to choose between their scruples or risking letting you go first.

2.) Do not leave a long line of your personal belongings at the edge of the conveyor belt

Before going through security check, do not leave any of your belongings at the edge of the conveyor belt. Ensure that you have pushed every single one of them through before going through the body scanner. It is considered ill-mannered and inconsiderate to inconvenience the person behind you into pushing your stuff for you while you trot towards the body scanner.

3.) Do not ask strangers to watch your stuff

If you have to pee or have to go on a coffee break, take your stuff with you. Do not delegate the responsibility of looking out for your stuff with a total stranger. Apart from putting your personal belongings at risk (and at the mercy of someone who might potentially steal it), you are giving a total stranger the cumbersome task of being obligated to you if something gets lost. Moreover, what if they need to board their flight? What if they need to pee as well? Lastly, you would look just a bit sketchy by and suspicious by asking someone to look out for your stuff.

4.) Do not bring any hot food (of any kind) on a plane

Do not be that inconsiderate traveler who subjects his or her seatmates to the perpetual smell of hot food for the entire duration of the flight. Remember, you are going to be high up in the air for a significant amount of time and eating food (especially strongly flavored ones) is inevitably going to make the cabin smell. You cannot simply expect to just crack a window and let it air out. You and the rest of the passengers will have to endure it for the entire flight. Just do not be that person.

5.) If you cannot lift your own bag, do not carry it

If your bag is too heavy for you to hoist and put into the overhead cabin, consider checking it in. Attempting to lift luggage you can barely heave over your head is an injury waiting to happen (and a hefty lawsuit as well) not only to you, but to other passengers sitting nearby you as well.


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