Tips for Women Traveling Alone

Tips for Women Traveling Alone


“As you travel solo, being totally responsible for yourself, it is inevitable that you will discover just how capable you are.” -Author Unknown

At some point in your life, you are going to desire to have an experience which you share with no one else but yourself. There are some journeys and some travails in life which are best experienced in solitude; this is why solo travel has been rather popular in the recent years. It is a great avenue for finding solace in the company of one’s self and will show you just how truly capable you are.

Unfortunately, traveling alone can be dangerous too, and you are more susceptible to muggers and thieves—especially if you are a woman. Whether you are discovering more about the Philippines with your jump off point being Pampanga or having your first international travel, your safety is a paramount concern. To make sure you stay safe while enjoying your solo excursion, here are a few tips to live by.

1.) Dress conservatively

You may want to dress up quite fashionably if you are going to be snapping a lot of OOTD’s but remember that you are traveling alone. Apart from getting you in trouble in more conservative areas and countries, this could attract the wrong attention. Dress appropriately and a bit more modest when you are traveling alone in this way; you do not have to be leery of anyone who might be looking at you in an inappropriate manner and you would not offend the sensibilities of some locals.

2.) Do not appear to be traveling alone

Giving people the impression that you are in a foreign country or place alone can make you an easy target. Additionally, you should never volunteer information as to where you are staying or if it is your first time in a place. A stranger’s query might be well-intended and sincere, but it is better to be safe rather than sorry.

3.) Stash your valuables

You do not need to carry all of your credit and debit cards with you. Just pack personal ones and leave the rest at home. Make sure they are with you at all times (in this case, in your person). Stash them in a hip pocket, your bra or even in your socks but never in your purse as this can easily get lost. In the unfortunate event that you may get robbed, you would have more peace of mind if you knew these two items and a handful of cash are still with you. Additionally, keep your daily spending cash accessible and do not appear to be carrying a lot of money, this can make you easy prey for unsavory individuals.

4.) Know where you are going

You do not need to plan your itinerary out in detail, but it would be helpful to have the most important highlights of your trip reviewed before you leave the hotel. Try not to pull out a map in public and no case should you leave a map that is marked with your route in your hotel room or even in your rental car.

5.) Choose your accommodations carefully

Before checking in a hotel, read the reviews first. It is best to stay in a national hotel chain with a good safety record rather than those roadside lodgings and bed space. If available, choose a hotel that has a women-only floor and asks for a room above the ground floor or near the elevator-ideally away from stairwells and emergency exits. Lastly, protect yourself while in the hotel by asking the concierge which areas you should avoid, leaving the do not disturb sign, the television or radio on while you are out, etc.

While traveling alone is an excellent way to discover more about yourself and know more about a foreign city, this does not mean that you should be blithe and unconcerned about your safety. Keep in mind that this foreign place is unfamiliar to you, and so are the people and locals there. Make sure you enjoy your trip while staying safe at the same time.


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