Three Ways Travel Can Mend A Broken Heart

Three Ways Travel Can Mend A Broken Heart

“For, after all, the best thing one can do when it is raining, is to let it rain.” -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

You have cried out your pain and felt the world buck beneath you. It is as if the crushing pain you feel in your chest is literally breaking your heart. You watch the hours tick by without a thought, so consumed by your pain as salty tears lick your face and leave a trickle of brokenness in their wake. There is no doubt that mending a broken heart is no easy task. People who have invested too much in a relationship only to have them end are known to stop being productive at work or in school and as a consequence may get fired or drop out from their classes. The thing with broken hearts is that it does not leave a person the same, and in one way or another, it cripples your mind as you play and replay every last memory whether sad or happy you once had with your lover. In sum, a broken heart leaves you hollow—so much so, that it would be like walking around as a ghost of who you were once back then.

However, like all things in life, time would heal your wounds and as cliched as it sounds, soon your pain will be a thing of the past. But before you can reach that, you must learn to accept that it has happened and instead of letting it defeat you, let it be the catalyst for a better you. One excellent way to do this is to go traveling—a method of self-exploration if you may, and let it reinvigorate your thirst for life. Do not just lay in a rut, take yourself on an adrenaline high in Alviera and simply just be. Allow yourself to hurt, but not more than necessary and give yourself the chance to renew and reinvent your being as well. Here are excellent ways travel can heal your broken heart:

1.) Travel gives you distance and time

An adage would say that time heals all things, and although most of you might scoff at the idea, if you just gave it a chance, it would actually work. At the moment, where everything is fresh, you would feel listless and so much in pain that it would feel like time is working against you rather than with you. But, be patient and allow yourself to grieve. Remember, time is your friend. Furthermore, complement time with distance as well. One of the things that aggravate a broken heart is the familiarity of our surroundings and where we start reminiscing about the better days we had. Distance yourself from this literally and figuratively by traveling. Experience new things, foster new memories, cultivate happiness gradually by letting go of the resentment.

2.) Travel helps you become more independent

One of the negative consequences of being in a relationship for too long is losing your sense of individuality. Although this is not always the case, you and your ex-partner would have done things together at some point, and inevitably, the “me” becomes “we” at some point. After it ends, it might come as a shock to you that you no longer have to think of anyone else’s wants and needs but yours and yours alone. Traveling is a method of self-discovery that aids you rediscover your individuality once more. It compels you to think on your own feet, make your own decisions and choose your own direction. In a sense, it is complete freedom, so relish and embrace it.

3.) Travel could become the new love of your life

Whether it may be in the form of a travel buddy or just travel itself, the point is you are getting over your past and are mending your heart. You might not know it, but you might potentially meet someone along the way who could be your special someone. Or you might just fall in love with traveling itself and fall in love with the places you have come to visit.


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