Three Kinds of Travel to Heal a Broken Heart

“Travel far enough that you meet yourself.” –Cloud Atlas

Heartbreaks are tricky dilemmas. They leave you crippled anywhere from weeks to days at a time, and it never leaves you quite the same. In fact, getting through a heartbreak changes you, and it teaches you some incredibly profound lessons about yourself. Unfortunately, surviving a heartbreak is akin from rising through a harrowing ordeal—it is never easy, and it requires every bit of conscious effort from you to do so. After all, suddenly waking up to a day without the presence of a person you truly loved for quite some time can be quite devastating. Before embarking on any moving-on endeavor of any kind, ensure that you give yourself some time to grieve and heal because no matter how much you will it to be, you can never rush the healing process. In this regard, it would be best if you took a break from your usual routine and spiced up your everyday life with something a little different than usual.

Alternatively, you can travel and focus your energy on fulfilling some travel goals as this will effectively divert your attention from the hurt to the accomplishment of your goals. In fact, the act of traveling itself is arguably the best healing balm to a broken heart. So, book a room through Airbnb and look for a Makati condo for rent or something else—just go out, get traveling and find your heart’s sanctuary.
Here are some of the travel activities you can do to divert your attention:

1.) Climb a mountain

Most heartbroken individuals experience a sense of accomplishment and release upon reaching the top area of a mountain. In an experience like no other, it gives you that degree of confidence that you had somehow lost when you had broken your heart, and in the same vein, it gives you that assurance that if you can survive climbing a mountain, surviving a broken heart would be easier. Furthermore, depending on the mountain’s location and trail, you may be constrained to focus all of your attention on making it to the top which gives you a momentary relief from your troubling thoughts.

2.) Go for activities that give you an adrenaline rush

Exhilarating activities that involve a bit of risk would demand your full attention which means, you get to think of something else other than the heartache that has been plaguing you. Activities such as zip lining, parasailing, whitewater rafting among others are some adrenaline pumping things you can do and choose from. So, if climbing a mountain seems like too much of a lengthy and arduous task for you, perhaps you might want to consider these alternatives. However, if you wish for an activity that demands longer of your time that is anything else but mountain climbing, canyoneering, caving and rock climbing might be things you want to try.

3.) Master an activity you have not learned

Keeping your thoughts diverted and distracting yourself are two paramount things to consider when it comes to healing a broken heart. However, you should not just stop at trying a sport or activity you have never tried before; you should master it. Mastering it would not only help you cope with your recurrent traitorous and sullen thoughts but having the goal in mind helps you focus on anything other than what is presently plaguing you. Furthermore, not only are you providing yourself an avenue for moving on, but you would master a skill you once were a novice at as well. Lastly, this is an excellent way to make friends in the community and meet new people and avert your thoughts further from your ailing heart.


Ultimately, at the end of the day, if you wish to give your heart a break from all the gripping and sad thoughts, you should also give yourself a break. Travel, see the world, experience new things—the world is so much bigger than your heartbreak, and you will soon realize that when you get one foot and the other out of the door.


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