The Ultimate List of Travel Hacks and Tips


We browsed the Internet to compile travel hacks and tips into an ultimate list. But, this ultimate list includes only the no-nonsense hacks.





Get travel insurance first before booking anything.

Browse flights through incognito windows or private browsers. Websites track cookies and may rack up prices based on browsing history.

Search for the preferred airline and its available promo codes in Google (i.e. xxx airline + promo code).

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Compare flights. Book two one-way flights if it makes sense than booking a round-trip.

Book a flight then, continue looking for cheaper flights. Cancel the first one once you find the cheapest option. Refunds have a 24-hour window.

Check cancellation terms and conditions first before canceling anything.

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Book the aisle and window seats; the middle seat will almost surely be empty.

Book an Airbnb instead of a hotel room.

Before leaving, call the credit or debit card company.

For frequent fliers, ask the company if you are already entitled to some perks such as lounge access.

Scan passport and other documents; email them to yourself.




Waterproof your bag. Use zip locks.

Pack the heaviest items closest to the suitcase’s wheels.

travel luggage fragile

Bring a luggage scale to avoid doing “guesstimates”.

Mark the luggage as fragile; it’ll be handled properly and will be the first to be released.


Roll, don’t fold the clothes to avoid getting wrinkly and save space.

Pick and pack a color scheme; choose dark for easy mixing and matching.

roll clothes

Roll up a belt and line it inside a collard shirt to keep it stiff and sharp.

Pack clothes that dry quickly.

Bring a collapsible dirty laundry bag. Put the hotel bar soap inside so it won’t stink up.

Put a dryer sheet at the bottom of your suitcase to keep clothes smelling fresh.

Put undies in your carry-on bag, just in case.


Buy a luggage with shoe compartment.

Wrap shoes in a shower cap.

shoes in shower caps

Stash small items inside the shoes to keep them intact; rolled-up socks are perfect.

Bring a small-sized shoe horn.


Put the phone and other gadgets inside a plastic bag.

Store chargers and other loose cables inside an old sunglasses case.

loose cables on sunglass case

Bring a power strip.

Put digital camera inside a sturdy soap case to avoid breakage.

Bring an extra cellphone battery or power bank.

Charge gadgets whenever necessary. Anything (e.g. hotel TVs) that has a USB port can be used as a charger.


Keep a go-bag with all your travel essential items.

Invest in squeezable spill-proof toiletry bottles.

essential items

Protect razors by using a binder clip.

Use used contact lens boxes to store small amounts of lotion or make-up.

For make-up, bring an all-in-one makeup product.

Pack soap inside a DIY washcloth bag (soap pouch).

Refill travel-sized toothpaste instead of buying a new one.

eye drop bottle and toothpaste

Or, fill an empty eye drop bottle with toothpaste.

Repurpose old medicine bottles as buds storage.


Bring bubble wrap and plastic bags.

Bring a roll of masking tape.

wine skin

Wrap wines in pool floaties or wine skin.


Put bobby pins, toothpicks or other trinkets in a Tic Tac container.

Use a pill container in sorting and storing jewelry pieces.

hair pin in tic tac

Thread necklaces through a straw. Roll it and store.



Before the actual transit, get plenty of sleep, eat right, and exercise to minimize jet lag.

Bring a smaller carry-on bag.

Bring a pen to complete customs forms quickly.

Wear the heaviest shoes or coat instead of packing them.

airline app

Wear something with deep pockets to minimize digging through your bag.

Download the airline’s app for real-time updates.

Go to the airport as early as possible.

Bring an empty bottle to the airport; fill it up after passing the security.

Or, bring a light thermos for concocting your own travel beverage.

Bring an eye mask and ear plugs.

infinity scarf

Use the hook in front of your seat to hang things.

Always bring a lightweight infinity scarf.

For overbooking and without pressing plans, volunteer to get bumped off a flight. Negotiate your compensation wisely, though.

About 15 to 20 minutes before landing, go to the bathroom.

luggage claim

Go directly to baggage claim after landing.

For long-haul flights with a stopover or two, check if you can use the lounge for a quick shower.



Upon arrival, shop for basic groceries at a local store and not at the hotel’s convenience store.

Unpack only the necessities to make repacking much easier.

Check if there are city tourist cards available.

tourist city card

Save Google Maps to make them available offline and even without connectivity; type “OK maps” into the search box.

Search for places of interest and routes in advance. Screenshot the searches.

Download Yelp.

Bring an unlocked phone. Sign up for a plan-as-you-go data plan if need be.

travel phone

Or, buy a local sim card with available data to make free calls using Skype, Google Voice or Hangout.

Carry a phrase book. Use the local language if possible.

Keep emergency numbers. It’s usually 112 in several countries; the call is free.

Withdraw local currency using an ATM. Don’t exchange currencies at the airport.

Use a money belt (or fanny pack). Split the cash stash.

atm local currency

Have an emergency money. Hide it inside a used lip balm container.

Have a souvenir list and stick to the list when shopping around.

Take photos of the signs or landmarks to know where the new sets of photos start from.

Keep the hotel’s (if staying there) business card in your pocket for easy directions.

airport wifi

Use free Internet (lounges, electronics stores, food outlets, etc.).

Remember the phrase “when in Rome, do as the Romans.”


These travel hacks will definitely save you energy, time and money and ultimately, your sanity! Traveling can be a chaos at times. These practical tips will make traveling an easy one.