The Four Types of Travel You Should Experience at Least Once

The Four Types of Travel You Should Experience at Least Once


“A man of ordinary talent will always be ordinary, whether he travels or not; but a man of superior talent will go to pieces if he remains forever in the same place.” –Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Travel can mean different things to different individuals. To some, it might mean lying under the scorching sun in a tropical beach somewhere while for others, it might be taken to mean going on offbeat, unbeaten, obscure and even unchartered paths discovering new places and new heights. Regardless of what travel might mean to you, it is imperative that you understand that it is no longer considered as a leisure but an indispensable need. Today, we do not travel merely to get away from it all, and although that can be a primary motivator, it should not be your end goal. We travel to reconnect with ourselves and take a break from the daily grind of our lives.

Simply put, travel does not have to mean spending an exorbitant price on airfare and hotels. It means having a breather from it all and experiencing it in a place you deem worthy—whether that may be in a tropical destination, or just in a condo unit in Makati. However, some trips are unlike any other and these trips may be cathartic to some and may teach life lessons to others. In this regard, you should do yourself a favor as well and indulge yourself in these types of travels. You may not have the time or finances for them, but more often than not, these trips and unique ideas would cost less than your average tropical beach break, and they are far easier to mark on the calendar as well.

Here are some of the not-so-average trips you should have at least once in your lifetime:

1.) Solo Trip

You are your best company, and nothing will make you realize that any better than traveling solo. Solo travels would not only give you an avenue for introspection and deep reflection, but it also teaches you how to appreciate your own company and be comfortable in your own skin. More often than not, you leave your destination of choice much more confident than ever before. Choose a destination that makes you feel safe but also pushes you out of your boundaries and comfort zone. Make some new friends while you are there and try new things you have not experienced before.

2.) An ancestry trip

If your family had immigrated to a foreign country long before you were born, it might be a good idea to find out where they really are from. Ask your parents where they lived as children and plan a journey to wherever that might be. If you want to immerse yourself in an in-depth experience, ask your relatives for personalized guides to their hometowns before leaving.

3.) A digital detox

Today, several of us will find ourselves perpetually connected to the Internet. In fact, just having one day without checking our any of our social media accounts might seem preposterous. Well, try traveling without your phones, laptops, TV and other devices and gadgets for a few days and see if you can handle it. In this regard, you would also be able to see what your mind can come up with on its own and would allow you to appreciate your destination better. Moreover, it gives you a chance to reconnect without fear of interference from the outside world. As they say, disconnect to reconnect.

4.) A long-distance trek

One of the excellent ways to clear your head is to go on a trek, a long trek in fact. Each step on this journey will fuel your determination and help you build quiet confidence. In fact, it might even help you get a better picture of what you truly want out of life.

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