The Five Most Stunning Boutique Hotels around the Philippines

The Five Most Stunning Boutique Hotels around the Philippines

Staying in five-star hotels is one thing, but staying in boutique hotels is an entirely different experience. The intimate atmosphere, the chic design and impressive architecture would all contribute to the allure and appeal of a boutique hotel. It is an offbeat alternative from the five-star standard hotel, and although it may be a bit quirky, it compensates its lack conventionality by packing a punch in its wow factor.

A boutique hotel offers an unorthodox alternative to the standard hotels by being incredibly particular with the décor. Whereas a standard hotel may not pay much notice to nondescript items such as toiletries and seats, a boutique hotel will take it a step further by giving it a personalized touch to complement their intimate service which is designed to make patrons feel just right at home.

With the unique charm offered by these nonconformist hotels that are a fresh break from the norm, you would not want to leave the vicinity of your room. So, if you are planning a food trip in Pampanga or have an upcoming business trip to Manila anytime soon, book your stay at one of the metro’s most stunning boutique hotels—just take your pick below.


1.) Villa Caemilla Beach

If being in a whimsical paradise such as Boracay is not enough to sweep you off your feet, then perhaps staying in a boutique hotel known as Villa Caemilla will. Located in the peaceful Station 3 of the White Beach, Villa Caemilla is a quaint island hotel where the color palette of the rooms perfectly matches the backdrop of the sky and the beach in front of it. An ideal place both for advocates of nature and laidback travelers.


2.) Ocean Suites

Bohol has recently been making waves as a popular beach destination spot and until recently, it has the perfect boutique hotel to complete the attraction. Ocean Suites is a cliffside property that offers an unobstructed and panoramic view of the ocean. With spacious rooms equipped with floor to ceiling glass doors, you are guaranteed to wake up to the picturesque and postcard-worthy sight of the beach. Guests are also offered an exclusive use to their beachfront property in Pamilican Island where they can discover coral gardens, lounge on the white sand beach or relax and watch the dolphins.


3.) Abaca Boutique Resort

Nestled in the heart of Mactan, Cebu, Abaca Boutique Resort boasts of the striking imagery it paints with the beauty of its surroundings. Equipped with a beachfront infinity pool, furnishings with wood touches and villas with an ethnic theme, this boutique resort offers you a little something more than Cebu’s most famed resorts. Spa services are available in the privacy of the guest’s rooms, in the oceanfront cabanas or in climate controlled spa rooms giving their clientele a wide selection of spa ambiance to choose from.

4.) Canvas Boutique Hotel

Palawan is already a myriad of picturesque scenes and breathtaking views by itself but staying in Canvas Boutique Hotel will give you an insight into Palawan’s culture and history. The walls of this hotel are decorated with various artworks that are visual representations of Palawan’s rich culture and history. The boutique hotel is already a work of art by itself as it is teeming with colorful murals as well as an in-house restaurant called “Painted Table” where you can find a long dining table designed by muralist AG Sano. For all the artwork and murals available in this hotel, it actually lives up to its name.


5.) Sheridan Boutique Resort

Sheridan is relatively new in Iloilo and is considered as a destination on its own. As a luxury resort, it is rife with amenities such as an infinity pool, a garden restaurant, rows of casitas and pocket gardens that are typical of the city of love’s culture and beauty. Exclusivity and privacy are two aspects worth highlighting in this boutique hotel as it has a total of only seven casitas, two deluxe rooms, and a presidential suite—ensuring that your stay would be ensconced in an intimate setting without it being too overcrowded.


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