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The Different Types of Travel You Should Do

 Wanderlust (noun): A strong desire or urge to wander or travel and explore the world

St. Agustine has likened the world to a book and has proffered the idea that those who do not travel run the risk of reading only a single page. Traveling may be considered as a leisure for many considering that the financial aspect needed to fund one is quite exorbitant–depending on where you want to go. But for some—especially those individuals who cannot stay rooted to a single spot for too long, it is not only a simple desire for seeing new places, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people but traveling is a way of life and a need.

For these individuals, yearly traipses to various locations in the world just would not cut it—there would never be enough time to sample everything. Whether it is exploring the cities of the Philippines and having food trips in Pampanga or riding the gondolas of Venice, these individuals have an insatiable need to discover the world. However, if you truly want to fuel your wanderlust, here are some of the five types of journey for any seasoned traveler and for anyone who just wants to try something new.


Solo Travel

Travelling alone can be a tad bit daunting—just imagine being by yourself in a foreign place! But you would find that your fears would be greatly outweighed by the many advantages of traveling alone. For one, you do not need to consult anyone when it comes to making plans which means you only have to rely on yourself for places you want to see and restaurants you want to eat at. Additionally, this would immensely increase your chances of meeting new people as you would be constrained to talking to locals or other travelers like you as opposed if you have traveled with a group.


Travel with friends

Traveling with your friends marks a new chapter in your friendship and would be a significant milestone in your relationship with them. Today, more and more friends have decided to go on vacations together after graduation day or have synchronized their vacation leaves so that they can take a well-deserved break together. Whether you are sipping margaritas and watching the sunset in Boracay or climbing the cold mountains of Baguio, you are sure to make great new memories.


Live for three months in a new city

Spending a couple of weeks to a month in a new city would not be sufficient to truly immerse yourself in the culture and the feel of the city—especially if it is on foreign land. There is much to be said about staying in one place for quite a while and in a sense, it gives you a unique and personal perspective about how the rest of the world lives up close. The longer you stay, the more you would learn and the more you would truly get the feel of a particular place.


Travel for an event

Coachella, ULTRA, The Olympics, or Tomorrowland should all ring a bell and on your next travel opportunity, make it a dual purpose: for attending an event as well as experiencing the place where the event is held. This type of the trip might be pricier than the most considering the excessive airline tickets compounded with the event tickets themselves. Just be sure to be well prepared financially and give yourself this kind of travel treat.


Not knowing where you will go next

There is a unique and incessant thrill in traveling without knowing where the road takes you. BE sure to pack light and just let your instincts take over. Regardless of how you choose to go about this, whether it is keeping it a secret from everyone or even yourself, or just plainly asking the help of an airline desk assistant for a recommendation, it is well-worth the experience of having a cloud of mystery surround your next travel course and destination.


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