Stress-Free Holidays: Ways to Prep Your Homes for Vacation

Stress-Free Holidays: Ways to Prep Your Homes for Vacation

“You are not just paying for a trip. You are paying for an experience and a lifetime of memories.” – Author Unknown

If you have ever thought of going out of town and leaving your homes and apartments behind, you might want to take the necessary precautions first before making that trip. Unfortunately, most homeowners would overlook prepping their apartments and would think of this as an inexpedient task that is of no importance at all. After all, you are not going to be there at all, so why would you even need to prep your place? While that may be true, you certainly would not want to come back to a home that has a fridge full of spoiled food or worse, a pet riddled with diseases and who has not eaten for days.

One of the ways to ensure that the above scenarios do not occur is to make arrangements beforehand. As common sense would dictate, you need to prepare your apartment for that vacation as well so that when you do come home, your units would be ready to invite you in and welcome you. So, before you leave your units in Ayala North Point or elsewhere, here are some of the things you need to take care of before going on a vacation:

1.) Make the necessary arrangements for your furry friends

One of the critical things you need to consider is who will be taking care of your pet when you are away. You four-legged friends would need to be taken care of—especially if you are expected to be away from home for quite a while. Ask a trusted friend or a neighbor who your pets are also comfortable and familiar with to look out for them while you are gone. If no one is available, you might want to check for pet boarding services and facilities and let them know in advance. It is best to book them ahead of time and with prior notice—especially during vacation and peak season as bookings and slots may be running low.

2.) Clean out your fridge

If you are going on an extended trip, you might want to purge your fridge from anything that is perishable—this includes food that could easily spoil. Give it out to neighbors or feed it to your dogs if they are allowed to eat it. Nothing can spoil a vacation glow more than coming home to a refrigerator filled with spoiled food. Be sure to check every nook and cranny of the fridge before you head out. Lastly, when you return, remember to stock up the fridge with food again.

3.) Unplug electronic devices and appliances

Apart from ensuring your homes do not get razed in a fire, unplugging electrical devices as well as appliances ensures that you will save energy. Unplug everything and watch how it does wonders for your electric bill. It might only be a small difference, but it is already a big help. Furthermore, it helps you have a peace of mind when you are out on vacation. After all, nothing can bring a pall over your dedication like wondering if you have left the iron plugged in or left the over on. Unplug everything and eliminate all of your worries.

4.) Take out the trash

If you do not want to come home to a potentially smelly home riddled with flies, you might want to take out the garbage and make sure that all of the bins are empty before flying off—especially if the trash you have has been sitting around for a few days now. Make sure that all of the trash receptacles are empty and that every bin in the house is already taken care of. After all, you would not want to come home to an infestation just right after you have had your vacation.


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