Solo-Travels for the Soul: Four Reasons to Travel after a Break-Up

Solo-Travels for the Soul: Four Reasons to Travel after a Break-Up



“Your peace is more important than driving yourself crazy trying to understand why something happened the way it did. Let it go.” –Author Unknown

Breakups, no matter how done, can be brutal.

Regardless of whether you were bracing yourself for it or have seen it coming all along, living through it can still be a nightmare. And in some cases, it affects people so much that they no longer possess the motivation to work or the physical capacity to muster the energy to get out of bed. However, know that while it might not seem like it now, you are not going to feel that way forever. You will heal, and you will soon move on, but in order to appreciate the enormity of your accomplishment after that, you need to grieve as well. After all, moving on is a process, and before you get anywhere near forgetting the person who broke your heart, you need the pain to hurt, and you need to feel it until it can no longer harm you.

After you have dusted yourself off and cried yourself to sleep for countless nights, get out of that bed and face the world with your head held high once more. At some point, this is going to be easier than you had imagined it to be. Unfortunately, getting out of bed and being a functional human is the easy part. Getting back on track and being your chirpy self once more can present a bit more of a challenge. No rush, however and just take as much time as you need.

Remember, emotions, as intangible and as inexplicable as they are, differ from one individual to another. With this in mind, there is no definite timeline for when you should move on and take your life back. But, if you wish to take a breather, let go of the things that have dominated your thoughts and address your infirm heart, traveling can be an excellent avenue for all of that. Whether it is as simple as indulging your adrenaline high in Sandbox Pampanga or something as grand as taking a foreign sojourn, traveling is guaranteed to take your mind off things—at least for the moment. If you wish to remedy your breakup blues, start the emotional healing process with a leisurely journey. Here are some of the reasons why traveling after a breakup can be a good idea:

1.) If you get lost enough, you will find yourself

One of the excellent and most pleasant distractions is to plan a travel itinerary—especially when you are trying to mend your broken heart. The prospect of researching places and looking for activities to do are not only educational but healthy as well. Besides, it gives you something else to think about other than wallowing in the hurt. Once you reach your destination, you might get lost and be forced to find your way. When you succeed, you will be able to show yourself that if you can handle that, you would be able to manage your heartbreak.

2.) It will boost your self-esteem

When you are trying to heal a broken heart, little things such as getting around alone, driving, seeing new places, tasting new foods and the like can already feel like significant achievements. Whenever you feel self-doubt plaguing you, remember that you have this—even by yourself. Know that despite what you are going through, you can still come out strong. You may be emotionally crippled, but you are still physically able. So, go on head and venture forth.

3.) Travel is a catalyst for growth

There is a truth to the saying that travel serves as the healing balm to emotional wounds. Being in a foreign place, immersing yourself in a new culture and doing your very best to get yourself out of a rut are all necessary things that would culminate in growth. Sure, these are all things you can do at home but they will feel a whole lot better and will have more meaning attached to it when it is done in a foreign place. Furthermore, being in a new and unfamiliar place encourage independence as well as freedom. If you can do something while you are overseas, there is no doubt that it would boost your confidence in doing just about any task at home.

4.) You meet people

Unless you intend to lock up in your hotel room for the duration of the trip, you will inevitably meet someone along the way. More often than not, these are people with similar interests as you do and sometimes, they, like you, are alone as well. With this in mind, you will come to realize that even when you are alone, you really are not all that alone. You will be surprised; you might just turn these strangers into friends if you are open to the idea. However, be sure to be safe about it and keep your eyes open.


With all these considered, go out, travel and heal yourself. You only have one life ahead of you and you should not be wasting it by moping for the rest of it.