Smarter Vacations: Four Ways to Keep Cool during Hot Summers

Smarter Vacations: Four Ways to Keep Cool during Hot Summers


“I love how summer just wraps its arms around you like a warm blanket.”-Kellie Elmore

Summer is a season for all kinds of getaways. However, a more substantial consensus would take their holidays to tropical destinations and spend it out at the beach. While all this is well and good, the same cannot be said about the horrid weather that at times would reach desert levels when it comes to warmth. This is particularly true for humid countries such as the Philippines. Kudos to you if you can get an air-conditioned room and stay within the confines of an environment with controlled temperature.

However, how do you negotiate with the hot weather outside? After all, you are bound to do some activities well outside of your hotel room, and you cannot expect every place to come equipped with an air conditioning unit. So, how do you compromise? And where should you find a middle ground when you are out on the streets trying to enjoy all the tourist sights and spots when you are sweating like mad underneath all your supposedly cool clothes? Not to worry, this is not something to be ashamed about. After all, you are probably not used to the humidity. In any case, your first order of business is to pack appropriate streetwear clothing that is breathable, light and comfortable to ensure you stay cool all day. Apart from that, here are some tips to get you by:

1.) Always bring a bottle of water with you

Regardless of whether you are just sitting around or enjoying the view or strolling in the general vicinity, having a bottle of water within your reach is paramount when it comes to hot weather. You might think that carrying around a bottle of water would only serve to slow you down, but whatever your planned activities for the day may be, you would want to stay hydrated. You do not want to sit around being all hot, sweaty and gross. To mitigate that, keep your body temperature down with a bottle of H20.

2.) Stock up on frozen treats

Ice cream and popsicle lovers rejoice! The summer season is definitely the best excuse to indulge in your favorite sweet and cold drink. However, if sweet and cold tasty treats are far too calorific for your healthy taste, simply crush some ice cubes and throw in bits of fruit into them for a frozen treat. Simply crush some ice and make yourself a delicious slushie you can take with you on the go.

3.) Stay out of the sun

There are times in the day wherein the heat from the sun can get unusually hot—so much so that being under it cannot be considered healthy. When you are out, and if you feel like the heat is biting into your skin, that is a sure signal that you need to get inside. While air conditioning is not something each establishment might have, you would benefit from staying under the shade. Look for trees and cool areas if you are walking or have a snack at one of the nearby stores. If you must absolutely walk underneath the hot afternoon sun then at least apply some sunscreen. Moreover, it is recommended that you wear sunglasses and a hat to adequately protect yourself.

4.) Wear the right clothes

You do not want to be stewing underneath layers upon layers of clothes, so it is best if you choose the appropriate fabric to wear. Your best bet would be lightweight clothes especially if you are trying to keep cool. If you are out at the beach, try to wear as minimal clothing as possible and let your skin breathe. However, if you are walking around, wear breathable clothing such as a pair of shorts, sleeveless shirts made of linen, cotton or the like. Remember to keep your clothing loose and breezy.

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