See the World: Four Unmistakable Signs You are A Traveler at Heart

See the World: Four Unmistakable Signs You are A Traveler at Heart

“You know more of a road by having traveled it than by all the conjectures and descriptions in the world.”-William Hazlitt

Traveling and seeing the world has always been one of the tried and tested avenues for reconnecting with yourself.

Travel can be instigated by a myriad of factors—ranging from a harrowing experience to the search for one’s self and expansion of one’s independence. In this regard, one can say traveling and seeing the world offers you a myriad of lessons. Moreover, it provides you that realization that you occupy such a tiny space in the world that sometimes, your problems would seem insignificant. Apart from that, it also gives you a better appreciation of how big and vast the world really is and that there is more to explore. There is quite a lot of things that result from traveling and seeing the world. You bring home not only the experiences and lessons you have learned while abroad, but you would also bring home the new practices and creeds you have instilled within you. Some travelers never come back home the same—especially if the travel was a somewhat cathartic experience that provided them an avenue not only for self-reflection but for reinvigoration as well. Sometimes, this feeling can be so addictive that you might wish to do it again and again because really, traveling gives you a different kind of high. There is something about experiencing a foreign place for the very first time and immersing yourself in it. It gives you a different kind of euphoria, and once you catch that feeling, it might potentially be something you wish to feel over and over again.

In fact, you might find that returning to your old life is not only predictable but dull and boring as well. If you have made the same realizations as the preceding, then there is an excellent chance that you have been bitten by the travel bug. If you find yourself constantly waiting for airline ticket promo sales or scouring the net for budget accommodation such as cheap hotels in Cebu or elsewhere, then you might just be a traveler at heart. You have a sense of adventure about you, and you wish to jump into the unknown and explore more of what the world has to offer. To know if you were born to travel the world, take a gander at the list below and see if you can relate to the items enumerated.

1.) You cannot stand routine

A traveler’s life is peppered with adventures—so much so that routine is something that they cannot stand. Regardless of whether you travel frequently or not, you just cannot see yourself doing the same thing over and over again. You see it mundane and dull. For this reason, you might even find yourself unable to handle a 9-5 desk job seeing as it requires you to repeatedly do things every single day. However, things like not knowing where you would end up sleeping at night (let alone if it would be a bed or not) excite you. You love spontaneity that when you are backpacking, you do not have a set routine. Sometimes, you try to inject the same unpredictability in your life by trying a different route to work or perhaps eating out at a relatively obscure restaurant that you might never have heard of. In sum, you have a penchant for total liberation. You might not know it, but you could actually be more impulsive than you originally thought.

2.) You have more than one home

…at least in your mind, you have more than one place to consider as your home. In fact, you have spread out your roots all over the world that you cannot wrap your head around the concept of people having only one home when there is so much more of the world to discover. More often than not, you daydream of waking up in your favorite city and considering it as your hometown. However, this would not be for too long as the moment you are desirous for a change of scenery, you would have already mapped out a potential foreign city which you can consider your home as well. Apart from that, you seem to possess a keen sense of whether you like a city or not upon stepping on it. There are times wherein a foreign city would sweep you off your feet while others not as much and would fall just flat. Resultantly, you might have found yourself falling in love with cities more than you do with people.

3.) You will try any food at least once

You take one look at the menu and almost instantly, you would already know what you want. Sometimes it could be the menu item with the strangest name that sounds funny when said aloud or perhaps something that looks exotic enough for you to try. Regardless of whatever that might be, you will always brace yourself for the worst. It can be a hit or miss thing, but it pays to be adventurous with food as one simple dish can already tell you quite a lot about another culture.

4.) You would rather spend your money on anything travel-related than anything else

To you, money is a valuable resource which would provide you with a gateway to the rest of the world. Seeing as you hold money at such high value, you would hardly spend it on anything that is not related to travel. Most of the time, a fraction of your money is saved up for your next travel excursion, and things such as a new pair of shoes or a cup of coffee are easily two things you can pass up on. You consider paying for experiences to be so much more valuable than spending for material things. To you, the former gives you a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment while the latter only affords you temporary happiness. You would rather spend heaps on a plane ticket than a myriad of many small things that would become insignificant over time. Although travel does not really give anything back to you in terms of material things, it does pay you back in knowledge, experience and an understanding of the world that you would not be able to learn in a textbook or anywhere else.


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