The Philippines as a Mall Republic

glorietta ayala mallsThe Philippines is dubbed as a ‘Mall Republic’ with thousands of shopping malls to go to in any given time of the day. Mall categories range from small neighborhood malls to mall chains to local government co-managed shopping malls in Quezon City and Metro Manila. Let’s take a look at what makes the Philippines a mall republic.


Unleashing the shopaholics in us

While the penetration of all types of malls is seen in Luzon particularly on urban areas, there are also outlet and regional shopping centers in Visayas and Mindanao. Aside from the thousands of existing shopping malls, however, several are still under construction and are expected to be finished by 2015. Obviously, there is no stopping these mall moguls to build shopping centers further.

greenbelt ayala mallsGood thing there is one specific reason mall-ing is an indispensable part of the Filipino culture and lifestyle. Oftentimes, shopping malls are a one-stop shop, that is, you can get everything you need in one place. Shopping centers are designed and built to accommodate all the needs of individuals and small and big families and groups. We, Filipinos, love all things handy. Malls are actually giving us the opportunity to make our lives easier from groceries to pharmacies to bayad centers.

Further, shopping centers have department stores, stand-alone stores and food courts. Most malls including Ayala malls Trinoma have various retail establishments from high- to low-end and from international to local brands. The majority of these malls also have entertainment facilities such as cinemas, arcades, videoke stations and activity centers for live concerts and programs. It really is more fun in the Philippines because we know how to make fun even in the midst of disasters.

Some shopping malls in Quezon City took mall-ing to a new level. TriNoma, for instance, boasts of its spacious parking amenities. Read: not parking lots, but parking amenities. Cars are parked in a separate building that can accommodate up to 8,000 different types of vehicles including compact utility vehicles and full-sized vans.

ayala center cebu ayala mallsAs of 2007, there are 5.5 million vehicles in the Philippines, 29% of which is in NCR. There is nothing more frustrating for a car, UV or SUV owner than to go to the mall during their free time with their loved ones only to find out that most malls have shortage in parking slots. Such a waste of time to even wait for a free park slot!

Aside from the cinema and parking complex, nonetheless, there is one particular mall in Quezon City that is equipped with natural features. The mall has a rooftop park and water features such as reverse waterfalls. Certainly, this is something new for the mall frequenters.

Almost all the malls in the area feature retail spaces with no provisions whatsoever for green practices. Thus, Ayala malls specifically Trinoma, as an eco-friendly mall, surely challenges what was regarded as a “shopping mall” and differentiates itself from the rest.

If there is one major thing that these malls can give us, it is the ultimate convenience. Shopping malls in Quezon City, Manila, Makati, Taguig and elsewhere give us the opportunity to complete our shopping tasks and needs and save time while doing so. You abreeza davao ayala mallsonly have to store-hop because the establishments are beside one another.


However, if you want to dawdle and enjoy your mall time some more, you might as well bring your family with you so all of you can appreciate the joy that only malls can give us Filipinos. True enough, just by knowing that you are inside a mall makes you feel like everything’s within reach, anything’s possible. Anyhow, we won’t be a Mall Republic if these malls do not satisfy our needs, wants and simple pleasures in life.