Philippine Adventures: Four Outdoor Activities to Do While in Laguna

Philippine Adventures: Four Outdoor Activities to Do While in Laguna

“By replacing fear of the unknown with curiosity, we open ourselves up to an infinite stream of possibility”-Author Unknown

Adventure can mean different things to different people.

It is an incredibly diverse concept that could not just be encapsulated in a single activity or constrained to a single context. As it is invariably subjective, it can be something as simple and straightforward as having an afternoon coffee in a foreign place or something as daring as learning how to skydive or bungee jump.

However, regardless of what kind of excursion it might be, the pursuit of an adventure should take you to exhilarating heights and if possible, push you out of your boundaries and have you conquer your fears. Whether that may be meeting strangers and turning them into friends or riding the waves on a tropical island, an adventure should help you grow as an individual and let you enjoy what life has to offer. After all, life is but one big adventure is it not? In the Philippines, you are offered a myriad of options when it comes to adventure. With over 7000 islands in the country, lush vegetation and greenery, as well as abundant marine life, are to be expected. With all these considered, the Philippines would not only be regarded as an ideal spot for adventurers and thrill seekers alike but instead, it is the premier destination for it. If you are coming from overseas, your landing point would most probably be in the country’s capital, Manila. Considering that the metropolitan city is mostly known for its urban and city lifestyle, most tourists and travelers would dismiss the city and book another ticket going elsewhere in the country.

However, there is no need to fly or even sail just to satiate your thirst for an exciting adventure as even Metro Manila has its fair share of exciting activities and exploits you can try. Just an hour away from the bustling city is Laguna which is mostly known for being the birthplace of the Philippine national hero, Jose Rizal. However, unbeknownst to most, Laguna is considered as a gateway to many adventures—so much so that you can expect to have a lot of options when it comes to outdoor activities in Laguna. Today, the province of Laguna has since then seen a rise in tourism which can evidently be observed in the influx of foreign and local tourist visiting in the area. As the place is an excellent balance of the old and the new, you can expect it to excite as well as surprise you.

In any case, if you have ever given a sojourn to Laguna any thought, here are some of the outdoor activities you can do:


1.) Indulge the child in you in Enchanted Kingdom

If the United States has Disney Land and Disney World, the Philippines also has Enchanted Kingdom. A local theme park of their own, Enchanted Kingdom has been in operation and has entertained kids (and kids at heart) for over a decade now. Much like how Disney World has exciting rides and activities, so does Enchanted Kingdom. The only difference is that magic emanates from every area of the local them park—so much so that you can feel yourself being a kid again. Perfect for families or group of friends, the theme park caters to all sorts of adventurers with different tastes of the level of extremeness. Being in the theme park alone would be reminiscent of the childhood you once enjoyed that you can indulge the kid in you the entire day.

2.) Go on an hydro-excursion at Splash Island

People who are desirous of being on an adrenaline high as well without any objection to getting wet would love Splash Island in Laguna. A waterpark of all sorts, Splash Island, is an excellent water park to get that extra splash (pun intended) of fun. While it is mostly like a recreational park, the main point of the park is to get wet. With this in mind, be sure to bring extra clothes with you as you are not likely to leave dry.

3.) Go on a series of adventures in Nuvali-Solenad

An excellent fusion of fun and recreation, a visit to Nuvali-Solenad is one to excite not one, but all of your senses. Conceptualized by Ayala Land as an ideal destination for the perfect balance of fun and relaxation, the place’s wide range of activities is considered an avenue not only for exhilaration and delight but for a quick break away from the city as well. Bike rides, sports, fish feeding, race events, seeing outdoor movies are just a fraction of the myriad of activities you can do in here.

4.) See the majestic Pagsanjan Falls

A trip to Laguna would not be complete without visiting one of its more iconic locations. Considered as one of the most popular waterfalls in the Philippines, the Pagsanjan Falls is a gorgeous landmark located at the town of Cavinti. Tourists from all over the world would come to the site by the droves to witness its majesty. As the waterfalls site adds to the overall aesthetic of the province, most kids in the Philippines had already heard about it even as young as when they were in their grade level years.
The next time you are planning on a Philippine getaway, do include a visit to Laguna in your travel itinerary. With the myriad of things you can do, you are sure to be entertained—regardless of what type of adventurer or traveler you are.


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