Not-Your-Usual Valentine’s Day Spots in Calabarzon: Part 2

You can still plan a date past the 14th. A post-Valentine outing is still as romantic as the ones on the day. Going out of town for a day or the weekend gives you a reason to take some time off your work. Working in a serviced office Makati is less taxing than the usual workplace, but it robs you of your time with your S.O.

Thus, explore a new spot on your post-Valentine date. When visiting CALABARZON, try out the province of Quezon. The area is known for its beaches, waterfalls, and forests. The end of each thicket presents striking landscapes – from caves, seasides, waterfalls, and mountain summits.

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The mountainous terrain of Quezon separates its towns. It has 39 municipalities, and its beaches are some of the most prominent among beach bummers. Moreover, the extensive land area leaves more to the imagination as most of them are still untouched. Hence, travelers must be aware of the conditions of the area before setting sights on it.


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Borawan Island in Padre Burgos gives you access to Puting Buhangin in Pagbilao Grande Island. The local tourism council manages Borawan Beach. There are cottages and tents for rent, but there is no electricity. A tiny store offers freshly-caught fish to fry or grill. There are no sources of food besides what’s in the store. Large rock formations are surrounding the beach.

Jump from an island to another as the small boats offer island hopping upon arriving in Borawan or Pagbilao and vice versa. Puting Buhangin is behind Pagbilao Power Station. Its claim to fame is Kwebang Lampas. Visitors can visit the cave during the low-tide around seven to ten in the morning.

Meanwhile, the sand at Salibungot Beach in Jomalig Island turn pink during sunset. The light reflects the crushed pieces of corals by the shore which produces the pink color. If you are looking for sandbars, Alibajan Beach in San Andres and the beaches at Cagbalete Island should be your destination. Bring a tent to Alibajan Beach is one of the hidden gems of the province. On the other hand, there are resorts in Cagbalete Island that offers The beaches can be crowded in the summer as more people explore the swimming spots in Quezon.

Besides the beaches, waterfalls also attract visitors in the area. The Alitap Falls, Balagbag Falls, Hagdan-Hagdan Falls, and Nonoy Falls are some of the accessible waterfalls in the province.

River Rafting and Tubing

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You can also try river rafting in Tignoan River which is five-kilometer of flowing water. The current can be calm and turn strong. The water adventure provides a view of the tropical rainforest. The vines and branches from tall and aged trees cool the area. Instead of paddling to navigate the water, guests sit on top of tubes and bamboo raft. The guides will do the work for you.

Eat Finds

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Quezon also boasts tasty delicacies. The famous longganisa from Lucban tastes of garlic and isn’t sweet compared to other provinces. There’s also the pancit habhab. The recipe uses Miki noodles cooked with sayote, pork meat, and soy sauce. A serving is placed in banana leaves and comes with drizzled white vinegar.

On top of these, Lucban is known for hardinera, a type of meatloaf served during town fiestas and other community celebrations. The meat uses the oval-shaped pan called llanera. It has egg and bell peppers on top. Its recipe is a cross between meatloaf and kaldereta. There are also fish dishes such as Tinapa (stuffed milkfish) and grilled inipit na isda using gulyasan (stripped tuna) and tambakol (yellowfin tuna) skewered in bamboo sticks.

Dessert comes in cakes and sticky delicacies. Tayabas, for instance, is known for Budin. Its a cassava cake with eggs, coconut, sugar, and margarine. Last but not the least, Quezon has kalamay, a native snack made from powdered sticky rice, sugar and coconut milk.

You can also spend your post-Valentine date meditating and restoring your faith through the churches and other religious places in Quezon. You will discover new activities and sights once you set foot in the province. Pack your bags and prepare everything you need for your outing. Most of all, enjoy each moment with your loved one.

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