If You Are a Nature Junkie, You’ll Love These Places

Not just a home to various cultural treasures, Laguna also plays a willing host to a wealth of natural wonders. Hot springs, waterfalls, mountains, lakes, mud springs, etc. Name it, and Laguna has it. Here are some of the most important natural tourist attractions in Laguna, Philippines.


mt makiling lagunaWhen travelling to Laguna, you might want to start with its resort city, Los Baños. The place is found on the foothills of Mt. Makiling which explains the availability of cold, warm and lukewarm water. Los Baños is a home to several hot springs. Did you know that Los Baños is a Spanish term that literally means “the baths”? Now you know.

hidden valley springs laguna


Aside from Los Baños, there are also hot springs in Calamba, which happens to be the hot spring capital of the Philippines, San Pablo, Alaminos and Pagsanjan. One of the most famous hot springs, however, is found in Alaminos called Hidden Valley Springs. This resort is a tropical rainforest paradise with hundreds of centuries-old trees sprinkled in the estate. Interestingly, the water is cold from the shoulders up and hot from the knees down.


When at Los Baños, you may consider trekking up the Mt. Makiling. If you are in for an adventure, contact a mountaineering group in University of the Philippines (UP) Los Baños.

makiling rainforest park laguna

Or, you can take a four-wheel drive to the slopes and into the Makiling Rainforest Park although the park accommodates people until 5pm only. Visit the mud springs, but you can only view it from a close distance as it is already fenced off to the public. You can view the boiling sulfuric mud; it reaches up to 80 degrees Celsius at times.

flat rocks laguna

Around the same trek is the Flat Rocks waterfalls. The waterfall is surrounded by boulders. There are little pools below where you can swim privately.


Afterwards, you can go to the Jamboree where you can see the Magnetic Hill. Also called Gravity Hill, the hill is situated just a few meters away from the University.  It is just a short patch where you can put the car and stop and watch how it slowly rolls up the road when in fact, the car is going downhill!

magnetic hill laguna

In the southern part of Laguna, you can find San Pablo city. It is one of the oldest cities in the Philippines and a home to seven lakes. The biggest of these lakes is called the Lake Sampalok. There is a viewing deck at the Dagatan Boulevard where you can observe the vastness and serenity of the lake.


A Laguna getaway will never be complete without the mention of Pagsanjan Falls. There are various boat stations along the Balanac River. The boat, usually navigated by two boatmen, will turn right to the Pagsanjan River through the rapids and upwards toward the main falls.

pagsanjan falls laguna

Along the way, you will see seven waterfalls though you might find the first one to be the loveliest of them all. The boat will snake through boulders where gorgeous moss and ferns thrive. If you are lucky enough, you might witness some butterflies and dragonflies flitting around.


For the nature-loving traveler that you are, you may also want to visit Nuvali. Nuvalis has a Wildlife & Bird Sanctuary where you can do bird watching. The forest zone has view decks to spot various bird species.

wildlife and bird sanctuary nuvali laguna

If you want more interactive nature-specific activities, you can also do farming. Nuvali has Greens & Patches which is a demo farm that allows learning about the proper way to plant and harvest fruits and vegetables. You can have your harvest cooked and eat them at one of the nipa huts inside the three-hectare farm.

greens and patches nuvali laguna


Evidently, Laguna is a haven for the nature junkies.  Sometimes, we are so consumed with the man-made destinations that we forget about the natural ones. This is a reminder of how blessed our natural environment is. Laguna is an epitome of natural wonders.


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