Mall Concierge – An Epitome of Customer-Centricity

Whether malls in Makati, Quezon City, Davao or Cebu, shopping malls continue to evolve. Before, malls are purely for commercial purposes. Nowadays, malls are becoming a lifestyle destination where all your needs and wants are found. More specifically, shopping malls are taking the role as concierge in giving the visitors and frequenters a taste of luxurious convenience.


What is mall concierge

concierge ayala mallsMall concierge is not a new concept in the Philippines. Traditionally, mall concierge is in the form of customer service. Today, there are customer specialists or assistants who help the guests with errands and tasks on and around the shopping mall. Through concierge services, the guests can maximize their mall visit, thereby making any visit a pleasant experience.

Certainly, the malls provide us with various shopping options and dining choices. However, the mall experience is escalated by the evident steps taken to ensure that all the needs of the guests are well taken care of. Not only these extra services satisfied the customer, but they also take shopping conveniently into higher level and perspective.

Customer satisfaction and approval take more than efficient services. Sometimes, all we need are real people and not machines to attend to our every need. Wouldn’t you want it that mall attendants are consistently knowledgeable specifically about where to find what? Certainly, you want the answers from people who fulfill their responsibilities with big smiles on their faces. This is how you get excellent service with each mall visit.


Concierge at Ayala Malls

Ayala Malls, which put a premium in customer relations, introduced concierge corners on their shopping malls. The attendants coordinate transportation, provide directions and arrange reservations. Some Ayala Malls also have family and customer lounges. Family lounges include play areas for the kids, breastfeeding corners and diaper changing stations, among others. Ayala Malls Trinoma has a family lounge at Level 3 and customer lounges at Levels 1, 2 and 3.

What sets Ayala Malls apart from other shopping malls in the country is its VIPinoy lounge. The lounge is specifically designed for the overseas Filipino workers. The lounge is equipped with charging stations, drinking stations, Internet stations (Wi-Fi), lounge area, remittance and bayad center and videoconferencing booths. Special conveniences such as flight confirmation services and personal shopper assistance are also provided. The VIPinoy lounge at Trinoma is located at the lobby level.

Ayala Malls live by the philosophy wherein every employee values his or her work. The management ensures that the people can enthusiastically accomplish their tasks on a daily basis. For them, this is how they can contribute to creating a pleasant environment for the mall-going public.

In 2009, it introduced ‘U First,’ a customer service program that focuses of specific market segments. The goal is making the mall-goers feel extra special by taking its guiding principle ‘U always come first’ seriously and providing services at a more personal level. For one, concierge personnel provide data-backed specialized services or basically the services that the mall-goers have an actual need for.

Concierge personnel are trained  in addressing the needs of all demographics. Aside from wheelchair assistance, the personnel have also undergone sign language training from accredited institutions to accommodate the needs of the deaf and mute mall-frequenters. For the elderly, wheel-in or electric scooters are also available. Priority lanes are also provided for the elderly.


In a country wherein shopping malls continue to become lifestyle destinations as they are, excellent customer service is a must. Mall assistants, attendants and personnel are no longer confined in their static roles. There should be an active participation in making the malling experience as pleasant as possible. On that note, we can only hope and pray that all shopping malls in the Philippines can provide extra specialized services Ayala Malls calls concierge. What a difference it could make in the world of shopping!