Holidays and Getaways: Overt Signs You Need a Vacation

Holidays and Getaways: Overt Signs You Need a Vacation

“The breaks you take from work pay you back manifold when you return because you come back with a fresher mind and newer thinking. Some of your best ideas come when you are on vacation.” – Gautam Singhania

Earl Wilson was once quoted to say that a vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you have been taking.

With this sentiment in mind, one can safely assume that vacation days away from work are not only encouraged, but recommended. After all, when else would you ever get the chance to rejuvenate yourself and allow yourself to breathe? You take sick days for whenever you are feeling unwell without hesitation but would balk at the prospect of taking a day, or two from work simply to let out some stress. That just does not add up. After all, your mental well-being is just as important as your physical one, so whenever life prompts you, go ahead and heed the call. Take a vacation day! So, if you feel yourself getting crankier by the day, lashing out arbitrarily at any colleague of yours for the most minute and even imagined slights, you might just need to take a holiday off of work.

Whether you are swamped with work or not, take that holiday. No matter how much you value your work, it is still just as important to take time and leave for yourself and your well-being. We are not robots after all, and would still need time to reinvigorate ourselves. Besides, this can be rather beneficial as most individuals would come back to work feeling refreshed after a vacation. So, go ahead and book that sojourn to the various destinations in the Philippines. Get out of the perpetual hustle and bustle of Makati city and look for nearby attractions that would give you that much needed respite. If you have been itching for that holiday, perhaps you might need it now more than ever.

In any case, here are some definitive signs that you definitely need a vacation stat:


1.) Problems, whether big or small, suddenly turn into colossal issues

Of course, no one likes picking another person’s slack. After all, everyone should be professional enough to handle their own mistakes. However, you should also be able to handle little snags here and there while maintaining a positive attitude at that—even on days wherein you do not feel too confident. While it is perfectly okay to be irked by legitimate annoyances that persistently pop up, it is an entirely different scenario to become testier and testier towards your clients and co-workers.

2.) Your colleagues keep asking you if you are okay

A cardinal sign of being too stressed out is when your colleagues start noticing it for themselves. You might be acting differently than usual, and it is giving them negative vibes. If a co-worker has ever commented on how tired you look or if anyone has persistently asked you whether anything is wrong, this is a sign that your stress has reached insurmountable levels. While it is mostly an individual experience, it can negatively impact your workplace. You might be a lot crankier, and people would soon find themselves giving you a wide berth and distancing themselves from you. This can put a harmful strain on your corporate relationships and could potentially be damaging in the long term. You might inadvertently lash out at someone which might just cause an estrangement.

3.) You make more mistakes than usual

Little errors are understandable, and they are inevitable. However, if you are committing more errors than usual or are repeating the same mistake over and over again, you might be too stressed to function. Rather than spend another fruitless attempt at rectifying your mistakes, why not take that much-needed breather and recharge? The fact is, no matter how much you try to concentrate and dive into your work tasks, if you are too stressed to function, you are not going to see any significant progress. You need to take a step back lest you make even more colossal mistakes that would either be difficult or impossible to correct.

4.) You are feeling cynical

The moment you are swamped with too much work, you become seemingly overwhelmed by stress. Resultantly, you would feel cynical and pretty much unfazed by anything. You would find yourself unable to muster any positive thoughts about the company you work for. These thoughts can be pervasive, and when they are left to percolate, you might just be headed for a burnout. Counter this as soon as you can by giving yourself a well-deserved break away from the office.

5.) Everything hurts

You get a whole myriad of symptoms from eye strain, backache, headaches—even stomachaches. More often than not, you might overlook this and just chalk it up to not having enough hours for a break. But these are overt signs your body is giving you and letting you know in a not-so-subtle way that you really need to de-stress and take the day off. Heed the call and book that vacation.