Guest Etiquette: Tips for Airbnb Guests

Guest Etiquette: Tips for Airbnb Guests

With the innovation and rise of Airbnb, it has never been easier to find cheap accommodations whenever we are traveling than now. With the ingenuity of this modern application, travelers are allowed a bed and a bath (in some cases, even the entire home) while a host gets recompensed for this service. It is a convenient and more affordable alternative than most hotels and drive-ins that more and more travelers are taking this option when it comes to booking lodgings. While the popularity of this option and influx of guests are both beneficial to the hosts, it is not always well-received nor welcome. Over the years, countless horror stories of Airbnb guests trashing homes and leaving it in a wreck have emerged. As a result, hosts are more meticulous and cautious about who to open their homes to. After all, they would not want their condo unit in Arbor Lanes or elsewhere to become another statistic in what would be another Airbnb horror story special.

So, if you are a guest planning on making your bookings through Airbnb, here are a few indispensable tips as to how to conduct yourself:

1.) Introductory Messages

More often than not, introductory messages are no longer necessary if you have a complete profile and have a good review. However, do send one before you book if the host requests for one. If staying at someone’s place sans exchanging typical pleasantries is not your thing, then include a brief introductory message in your booking. This will be more than enough for any host.

2.) Read the entire listing

Hosts would want to make their guests feel as welcome and comfortable in their homes as possible. Apart from that, they want you to enjoy and maximize your stay as well which is why they have crafted a very detailed listing so that any queries you may have would be readily answered. Your hosts have spent time and effort in putting that together so it would be a waste not to at least read it all. Do not undermine your host’s efforts by failing to read it and avoid redundancy by not asking questions that could readily be answered by the listing.

3.) Do not ask to pay in cash

While a lot of travelers may find the exorbitant Airbnb fee a pain (considering how much cheaper it would be we just all paid in cash) but in no case should you ever ask your host for this. The fee exists to protect both guests and hosts. In a sense, it is a monetary insurance as well as personal safety. You can say all you want about the hefty fee, but at least you know that Airbnb has your best interests at heart.

4.) Book quickly after an inquiry

It is the height of good manners and etiquette to push through with your booking when the host has promised you a special rate or to have them reserved for a short while. Sure, as guests you may want to linger for a while and scour for more offers and better deals, but it would be incredibly rude if you left them hanging if they promised to hold some dates and reserve them for you.

5.) Be reminded that it is not a hotel

Though you are certainly not required to do some sprucing up the day you are checking out; you are expected to maintain a decent level of cleanliness—especially if you are not charged a cleaning fee. Unlike a hotel, Airbnb bookings generally do not have maids and housekeeping cleaning up after guests when they are out and unlike hotels, you cannot expect the place to be incredibly pristine and immaculate. In some cases, you are going to be living with your hosts as well (if you rented out a room only). So manage your expectations, and remember to clean up after yourself as well.


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