Going on a Date? Here’s How to Maximize Your Dating Peso

When it comes to dating, we put our best foot forward and it is not always about the shoes (pun intended). Sadly, there are some people who spend lavishly on a date just to earn THAT impression. Yes, you can take her to the most stylish malls in Manila and dine in the fanciest of restaurants. Do you really think that this is what she wants? And for girls, is this the kind of man that you would want to spend the rest of your life with?

If this is how you think about dating, most likely, you are starting off your happily-ever-after on the wrong foot. Below are some interesting facts on how you can stretch your dating peso without the need to sacrifice the quality of your date.


For women

Sassy hair or fab undergarment

If you are torn between David’s Salon or Victoria’s Secret, choose David’s. Did you know that 60% of men would choose to date women with attractive hair than those with big breasts? About 70% of men notice a woman’s hair first than her clothes, legs, and makeup. That’s according to a survey conducted by Pantene.

This is good news for all women out there. Hair upkeep is a must. So, better skip the lingerie shopping and go on a pre-date visit to your favorite salon instead. Nonetheless, if you have been keeping that sexy lingerie in your closet, by all means, wear it. Any woman would feel sexier if she is comfortable with that she is wearing. If it is a sexy underclothing, so be it.

Red stiletto or red lipstick

High heels are great for dates. However, if you need to choose between a brand new stiletto or a brand new lipstick, pick the latter. Based on a survey conducted by Match.com, a laugh makes a better impression (88%) than a new pair of shoes (12%).

A study conducted by the University of Manchester revealed that it only takes 10 seconds to look at women’s lips after meeting her for a date. A man will find it difficult to look at other things if the woman is wearing lipstick. On average, a man looks at red lips for 7.3 seconds and 6.7 seconds for pink lips. A man gets tired of looking at bare lips in just 2.2 seconds. So, ladies, paint your lips red.

For men

Flashy wheels or stylish dinner

Surely, men would love to have their dream cars. Women, on the other hand, are not equally impressed by flashy cars and other blings for that matter. Women prefer thoughtful gestures such as a reservation at a decent restaurant and flowers before dinner is served, among others.

There is a study by the University of Texas (San Antonio) and University of Minnesota which claims that a luxury car makes any man more desirable. Such desire stops there. Women think of men who favor luxuries as someone who is not after a long-term commitment. So, skip the flashy things and go for the most magnificent night at the restaurant.

For men and women

Pre-date hygiene vs. everything else

Designer dresses or suits will never impress your date if you stink. Based on Match.com’s survey, the biggest turnoffs for both men and women are bad breath, dirty fingernails, and body odor. Put simply, bad hygiene kills a budding romance. Take a shower first, brush your teeth and use deodorant!

Sometimes, or most of the times, dressing well is all you need for a date. Brands don’t matter that much. Wear something that fits; wear something that makes you confident and comfortable. Look clean and smell good for your date if you really want to make the best (and the right) impression. Point is, put your dating money where it should be in the first place.


Image credit: EverydayLife.GlobalPost.com