Going to Cebu? Don’t Forget to Visit This Shopping Mall

The Tourism Department ranks Cebu as the 4th frequently visited destinations in the Philippines. However, a visit in the island-province will not be complete without going to the metropolis where you can find prominent shopping malls such as Ayala Center Cebu which opened in 1994.

Let’s look at the factors why the shopping mall remains to be the top choice for a leisure stroll for the locals and the tourists alike.

ayala mall center in cebu

Shopping malls in Cebu

Unlike in Metro Manila, the number of the shopping centers is limited although, for the locals, these are enough considering the geographic area of the province. Malls are found in Mandaue City, Lapu-lapu City, Talisay City, Consolacion and of course, Cebu City. There are 2 malls each in Talisay and Consolacion, 3 malls in Lapu-lapu, 13 malls in Mandaue and 21 malls in Cebu City.

An Ayala Mall in Cebu

Of these, however, Ayala Center Cebu is considered the largest high-end shopping mall. Don’t fret though because you can also find the cheapest items here especially at the department store. The mall has a huge department store, carrying major local and international brands you know. It also has a movie theater and two supermarkets. Metro Supermarket at the mall is well-stocked all-year round. Not to mention, you can find the most affordable local and imported goods here.

ayala center cebu mallThe biggest advantage is it has more stores and restaurants that appeal to the tourists than in any other malls in the vicinity. Cebu caters to all kinds of tourists, so expect to find Chinese, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Continental, Mediterranean and fusion cuisines meddling with the local Cebuano cuisine.

Located at Cebu Business Park, Ayala Center Cebu is regarded as one of the best places to find great places to eat. In fact, Ayala Malls, the owner, opened an uber-modern extension known as The Terraces in 2008 where tourists can find plenty of food choices. The extension is adjacent to Marriott Hotel, which means you can go there anytime you want to grab a cup of mocha Frappuccino, chow down moist and tender baby back ribs, eat banana walnut cake to your heart and tummy’s content, etc.

ayala center cebu cebu cityAside from the American and European label boutiques, the six-storey dome mall is complete with banks, travel companies, game halls, bars, health spas and a child-care center. Can you imagine that? It’s easy to think that all you need and want is under one roof because it is – everything’s there!

Entertainment events are conducted at the ground level almost daily. Every month, Ayala Malls also conduct major events where kids and kids-at-heart can enjoy. Certainly, there is also a wide selection of movies from action to adventure to romantic-comedy to magical.

ayala center cebu cebuThe nicest thing about going to this luxury mall in Cebu is you can rest and relax at the Terraces whenever you need a break from shopping or after attending an event. You can sit anywhere on the concrete benches with a friend or two and just enjoy the view of orchestrated water features and lush greeneries. A ₱600-million investment, did you know that The Terraces was once a simple lagoon before it was transformed into a food and beverage strip?

In December 2013, yet another expansion was completed. This time, Ayala Malls added more than 200 stores including Mango, Gap, Muji, Zara and Toys R Us. Truly an ‘icon of style,’ the mall has homes and kids selections, an extended-showing cinema (open until 2am, that is), dining outlets at the topmost level and guess what, a chapel! Yes, you read it right.


ayala center cebu

Since its inception, Ayala Center Cebu remained to be an important feature of the Queen City of the South. With all the features and amenities you will find here, it is important to take a glimpse of what it has to offer. You will love it, for sure!