Four Ingenious Ways to Travel on a Tight Budget

Four Ingenious Ways to Travel on a Tight Budget

“Travel is never a matter of money, but a matter of courage” -Paulo Coelho

Without a doubt, traveling is expensive. The airfare alone would cost you a lot depending on where you want to go, and this does not include the cost of your accommodations, food as well as other miscellaneous expenses. If you added all of that up, you would certainly see that taking a trip would be an exorbitant expense that you need months to save up for. However, what if you wanted to take a spontaneous trip or a short one in just a few months? Are you forever constrained to seeing the familiar sights within your proximity? Or do you have cheaper alternative options that would enable you to travel for less? Satisfying your wanderlust and sticking to your budget is very much possible. However, you do need to rethink your travel style and make a few compromises.

Here are some of the ways you can travel on a tight budget

1.) Travel in low season

While traveling in low season is hardly ideal (considering how the weather can be less desirable than usual), it offers great prices to various destinations. You might have to be brave enough to take low-season trips however as the weather during this time of the year can be very erratic. This does not mean you cannot enjoy your vacation as there are a lot of attractions to see that do not depend on the kind of weather you are having. Museums, restaurants, and other attractions would remain open—even during a low tourist season. Be sure to plan ahead for your low season getaway by buying a good guidebook that shows you the best places to visit and make the most out of your vacation.

2.) Arrange a home exchange

Booking a hotel can be incredibly pricey that you might want to consider cheaper alternatives if you are traveling on a budget. One way to virtually have a cost-free accommodation for your trip is to consider having a home exchange with someone from the country you are traveling to. Typically, participants of the home exchange would stay at each other’s residences at the same time or may stay as guests in each other’s homes. More often than not, home exchanges are arranged through online networks. However, if you are uneasy about putting up an ad for a home exchange of your townhouse in Quezon City, contact the person you are exchanging homes with prior to the actual date of swapping and get as much information as you possibly can.

3.) Take a day trip

While taking a day trip does not require you to book an airplane ticket, nor would it take you to a foreign place, it would still inject an element of actual travel to your day—even if it would only take you an hour long drive to reach your destination. Furthermore, a day trip is one of the cheapest ways to travel to local destinations. Select a place that is not too far but is interesting enough to visit. If there have been any museums, national parks, beaches or historical sites nearby that you have not had the chance to check out, this would be your opportunity to do so.

4.) Go All-Inclusive

All-Inclusive travel deals are an excellent way to see more of the place you are going to and save while you are at it. Apart from finding you suitable accommodations for your stay, it also includes your airfare back and forth to your destination as well as a tour package. The only thing you would probably need and have to spend for is your food and souvenirs you might want to take home. But all in all, an all-inclusive deal is an excellent way to make the most out of your travel budget.

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