Food You Should Never Eat Before a Flight

Food You Should Never Eat Before a Flight

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” –Saint Agustine

There is much to be said about pre-flight anxiety. But above all, that it is real and is aggravated by endless baggage lines, suspicious security checkpoints, screaming children and perhaps, the winner of them all—delayed and canceled flights. With quite a lot on your plate before boarding time, it is crucial that you make yourself as comfortable as possible. Some individuals may experience nausea upon flight, but what you eat before you even take off is a significant contributor to whether or not you would be making frequent trips to the airplane lavatory just before you land.

Though the airport may not exactly offer you first class meals and much variety, if you wish to keep your lunch for the whole duration of the flight, then it is best to avoid the gut-busting trifecta of grease alcohol and carbonation. In any case, if you are planning an aerial flight anytime soon, it is best to avoid these five foods.


1.) Fried or Fast Food

Airports are rather notorious for bedecking their lounge areas with an array of fast food restaurants. This is most notably because fast food is relatively cheap and easier to prepare than restaurant meals. Do not let those delicious (albeit greasy) aromas tempt you, however, as digestion is even harder for your body at 35,000 feet. Complement this with the saturated fats that fast food meal you ingested has then you are guaranteed heartburn or an upset stomach.

2.) Alcohol

Although it is not exactly food, it is something to be ingested, and this item should be a no-brainer. Any type of liquor right before a flight is an extreme no-no. It might hit the spot and calm your nerves, but it is incredibly dehydrating. It is also interesting to note that the air we breathe in airplanes are not humidified which might cause some flyers to become dehydrated, and if we add alcohol into the mix, you will be coming off parched. Additionally, alcohol has a bigger effect on bodies at higher altitudes.

3.) Beans

Without a doubt, you would know by now that beans would cause gas. This is relatively okay when you are on your own or are around the house. But having a healthy serving of beans right before a long flight is not going to be any fun for you or anyone sitting in proximity to you. Just imagine the impending digestive gas disaster that would ensue while being cooped up in a tiny space. It is not exactly a pretty scenario, is it?

4.) Carbonated Beverages

Soda and beer are major contributors in bloating as are carbonated beverages. The bubbles you ingest may seem like tiny balloons wading around your stomach upon consumption, but once you are up in the air and the air pressure changes, these once-bubbles would expand resulting to uncomfortable bloating. Save the trip to the soda machine for when you are on the ground and go for a bottle of water instead.

5.) Garlic

Of all the spices in the world, garlic seems to be the most versatile and one that brings out that delicious “eat-me” aroma. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the stench of your breath once you have eaten a meal laden with garlic cloves or bits. Garlic contains sulfuric compounds which are then absorbed into your bloodstream and lungs. Even when you have religiously brushed your teeth, you would be exhaling this garlic smell, and it would be seeping out of your pores. Be considerate of your seatmates and skip anything peppered with garlic just right before boarding.


Before your next flight, remember to avoid eating any of the five foods enumerated above to ensure a comfortable and fun flight for yourself and for everyone else as well!


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