Five Travel Essentials You Did Not Know You Needed

Five Travel Essentials You Did Not Know You Needed


“All travel has its advantages. If the passenger visits better countries, he may learn to improve his own. And if fortune carries him to worse, he may learn to enjoy it” –Samuel L. Jackson.

More often than not, air travel is not something everyone enjoys—unless one is traveling first class. Long queues, the possibility of flight delays (and even worse—cancellations), cramped seats without so much legroom, bad airline food—these are just a slew of the annoyances you can expect. And while some of them can be easily overlooked and managed with a smile through gritted teeth, they can dampen what would have been a potentially enjoyable vacation. Fortunately, there are travel essentials that can make air travel more comfortable—and even enjoyable. So, before you pack your bags and book that Avida Asten condo unit on Airbnb, ensure that you have these items in your bags first:

1.) Trackable Luggage Tags

One potential nightmare travelers would not want to experience is losing their luggage and never getting them back again. In fact, there is always some sense of trepidation felt when the airport carousel fails to contain your bag. For this reason, many travelers would tie name tags or noticeable things such as colorful ribbons to ensure that no one else would take their luggage. However, this can only take you so far as today, some airline companies can be really unhelpful when you do lose your luggage. You may do countless visits, calls and complaints but if they insist it is gone, there is nothing you can do apart from asking to be reimbursed. To give your bags added protection and security, give it trackable tags and make sure you register the tag’s serial number online.

2.) EarPlanes

Although it does not happen quite often, we sometimes travel with a cold, and it can indeed make the experience uncomfortable. Furthermore, the older we get the more our allergies will be in overdrive by acting up more often than usual. In this regard, some of us may experience flying with an earache which makes the entire experience incredibly unbearable—especially as soon as the plane takes flight. To relieve the pressure in your ears on takeoffs and landings have a pair of earplugs with you or EarPlanes if you may.

3.) No Jet Lag Pills

One consequence of frequent air traveling to foreign countries is the jet lag you will inevitably suffer from. Regardless of how much you drink a lot of water, avoid alcohol and caffeine, it still manages to creep up on you. However, over the counter pills such as No Jet Lag pills ensure that you still adequate rest at the right time. It has natural remedies such as Arnica Montana and Chamomile that would help you alleviate jet lag symptoms. The great thing about them is that they taste good as well.

4.) The Bag Bungee

We cannot help it, sometimes we have more luggage than necessary and try as we might, we could not fit everything into our suitcases and stroller bags. If you find yourself relating to this more often than not, it is best if you incorporated the Bag Bungee accessory onto it. It allows you to attach anything from a heavy coat to a briefcase to your bag’s handle with the accessory’s cord. One end connects to the luggage’s hand carry handle while the other end would slip over the expandable handle.

5.) Electronic Luggage Scale

Of course, when we travel we have to ensure that we are within our luggage weight limit lest we pay more and extra. Unfortunately, weighing our luggage can be quite tricky, and if you choose to weight it on the weighing scale, it is hardly accurate. However, all these are addressed with an electronic luggage scale. All you would need to do is to attach it to the handle of a bag, lift it up and the gadget will give you a measurement of how much your luggage weighs.


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