Five Reasons It is A Good Idea to Travel Alone

Five Reasons It is A Good Idea to Travel Alone


“Travelling can be the ultimate alone time. Away from home and surrounded by strangers, you can be anyone or no one, anonymous or camouflaged” -Julian Smith


Solo travel might not appeal to most potential travelers. For some, the experience of having to rely on no one else for decisions and options may be a tad bit daunting. But for those with enough nerve to venture into something out of their comfort zones, it can be incredibly liberating. Travelling alone allows you to explore beyond your limits, push beyond your boundaries and show you just what you are actually capable of. While it is true that special trips and fresh escapades with family, partners, and friends can be an excellent experience, there are no other means of self-contemplation stronger than solo travel.

Additionally, there may even be some compelling reasons for you to travel alone from time to time–whether it is for work or because you are going through something rough. Not to worry, though, solo travel works for everyone and here are some of the reasons why you should try it yourself sometime.

1.) Simple logistics

While traveling with a big group of friends can be excellent fun, it can also be a bit confusing–especially in making an itinerary that everyone can agree with. Suppose you are traveling around Luzon area, some of your friends might want to find some things tourist attractions in Laguna, Philippines while the rest might want to hit up a theme park such as Enchanted Kingdom. More often than not, a case of simple planning can help you avoid this, but there is beauty in spontaneity and not having to consult anyone else for decisions. With a group, you would mostly have to agree on a particular restaurant to have lunch with (and possibly find a table that could accommodate all of you). Alone, you can easily select whatever restaurant you feel eating at and just sit at the bar.

2.) You get to meet new people

Although traveling in a group or with a partner would not deter you from meeting locals, it can considerably lower your chances of meeting and mingling with them. When you are traveling alone, you are more likely to be encouraged in socializing with the locals than you are when you are with someone–especially when you feel the need to socialize. Traveling in a group or with a partner already allows you to mingle amongst yourselves while being alone constrains you to the company of yourself which makes you crave interaction with others and possibly more adept at talking to people you do not know.

3.) You will learn to love your own company

In a perpetually busy life, you hardly get to spend some significant time alone and immerse yourself in it. A solo travel is the perfect avenue for this, and you might even be surprised how enjoyable it can be. This time alone will encourage you to reflect on things you normally cannot in your usual environment. It would help you entertain your thoughts, contemplate about your dreams and find solace in your own company. Depending on where to choose to go, your solo trip can be incredibly powerful and life-changing.

4.) Do everything you want sans the guilt

Travelling with a group or with a partner means that you would at least sync up your travel itineraries. How often have you thought about visiting the hotel’s arcade or just spend some time alone in the spa but decided against it because you felt guilty about leaving your partner alone? Well, when you are traveling solo, you can do everything you want and none of the activities you do not want without feeling guilty afterward. When you travel alone, your time and what you intend to do with it would all depend on you.

5.) It is empowering

Travelling alone encourages you to feel comfortable in your own company. It fosters independence in the best way possible by allowing you to sit by yourself in a crowded restaurant to have a meal or even enjoy doing things just by yourself. It pushes you out of your comfort zone, and once you take this plunge and get over your fears, you will feel just how empowered you are. After your trip, you may find that you are more receptive to try things you have always been afraid of from now on.

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