Finding the Best Travel Deals Online

Love to travel but something’s holding you back? Let me guess. MONEY! Well, you don’t have to be rich to travel. But, of course, you need to start somewhere. That could be any of these travel deals sites. Yes, there are hundreds of group buying and voucher websites in the Philippines that are waiting to be explored. These websites offer redeemable transactions that are worth the specified amount on each travel deal, for instance.

Here are some of these sites. The sites listed below are not only offering travel deals but for the purpose of finding great deals, we will focus on such.

Top travel deal websites in the country

1) Metro Deal

Facebook Likes: 1.2M

Offers: Up to 84% off


Founded in 2009, Metro Deal is considered a startup success. It still holds the Philippines’ #1 ecommerce website with more than 2 million unique visitors each month. The website also holds the record of fastest selling deal wherein a buffet dinner cruise offered 50% off sold more than 40,000 times in just two days. The site literally offers hundreds of local and Asian travel packages. The owner, Ralph Wunsch, plans of having a separate travel portal.

2) Ensogo Philippines

Facebook Likes: 876K

Offers: Up to 68% off


Ensogo, which was founded in 2009, originally offers products and services in Thailand. In 2010, it expanded its operation to include the Philippine market. Currently, it serves more than 500 million consumers in the Asian region. Aside from local and Asian travel packages, the website also offers hotel accommodations.

3) Cash Cash Pinoy

Facebook Likes: 693K

Offers: Up to 81% off

cash cash pinoy

Cash Cash Pinoy was also founded in 2009 when the owners themselves roam a mall to look for good bargains. Upon discovering that various stalls offer the same productive at slightly different prices, they saw an opportunity. Now, travel offers form part of the core business model. It offers travel deals within Metro Manila, 2 hours away from Manila, nationwide and internationally. Yes, there are travel packages for Australia, USA, Africa, and Peru.

4) Trends N’ Deals

Facebook Likes: 402K

Offers: Up to 46% off

trends n deals

Trends N’ Deals is the newest deals site in our list having been launched in March 2013. Thus, the number of available merchants is still limited. Nonetheless, it offers travel packages in major cities in the Philippines. The site also provides a selection of hotel accommodations. Perhaps, the main differentiating factor is it also offers cheap flights to Asia, America, and Europe.

5) Deal Grocer

Facebook Likes: 247K

Offers: Up to 69% off

deal grocer

Deal Grocer offers “sought-after lifestyle experiences.” As such, its travel deals are branded as getaways and luxe escapes. The offerings are mostly upscale destinations and hotel accommodations available on three-month installments.

6) TCAT Philippines

Facebook Likes: 81K

Offers: Up to 42% off


TCAT Philippines was officially launched in July 2011. Like other websites, TCAT also offers a wide array of local travel destinations, but very few selections when it comes to international travel packages. Hotel accommodations are also offered. TCAT’s unique proposition is the availability of booking domestic and international flights known as TCAT Tour. The site assists customers in finding the cheapest airline tickets.

7) Travel Mall PH

Facebook Likes: 47K

Offers: Up to 83% off

travel mall

Travel Mall PH, which was launched in 2014, is the only all-about-travel website in the list. It claims to offer the biggest and most affordable travel packages in the country, in Asia and other regions. Travel Mall PH offers all-in promos in Europe, particularly in Scandinavia. The site features the latest travel deals and deals that are on sale.

Traveling is all about the experience. However, the proper way to travel (meaning: to maximize your travel fund) should always start with finding the best deals out there. If you can skimp on other things such as the fare and accommodation just so you can channel the resources on various activities in the destination, why not, right?