FAQs: What to do Before and During Attending the Hot-Air Balloon Festival in Pampanga

Have you been to a hot-air balloon festival in Pampanga? If yes, you probably have ideas about what goes through the day. If not and if you are a first-timer, here are some of the answers to the frequently asked questions (FAQs). The questions mostly center on what to do before and during the event.




1) How much is the general admission ticket?

The general admission ticket costs ₱300 each, valid for one fiesta day. [Tickets started selling since mid-August 2014.]  The ticket price serves as an attendee’s contribution in sending the less fortunate students to aviation schools.

2) Where can I but the ticket?

Tickets are available online (www.philballoonfest.net). During the festival, which is a four-day event, tickets will be also available at the main entrance of the venue. The ticket costs the same whether you buy it online or at the gate.

3) Can I reserve a ticket?

No, you cannot. Ticket reservations are not accepted.

4) Is the ticket transferable?

Yes, it is. You can give the tickets to a family, relative, friend or whoever you want to give it to.

5) Are there any discounts?

Yes, there are. Senior citizens are entitled a 20% discount provided that they can present their senior citizen IDs upon ticket purchase. And, children below 3 ft. are free to enter the facilities.

6) How the weather will be during the festival?

There is no definite answer. But, the organizing committee recommends that attendees should dress in layer. Mornings and evenings are chilly while afternoons are hot. Dress comfortably. Wear comfortable footwear. Bring an umbrella or a hat.

7) Can I bring food and drinks inside the venue?

Foods are allowed inside the venue; bottled drinks are not. You may bring water jugs or coolers instead. Also, the organizing committee arranged concessionaires, so there will be food stalls and food trucks at the venue where you may buy your food and refreshment.



8) How will get to the venue?

If you are commuting from Manila, the best route is to take any bus bound to Dagupan and get off at the Dau stopover. Walk towards the highway and ride a jeepney or tricycle going to the Main Gate. At the Main Gate, you may take a 15-minute walk towards the main entrance.

9) Where can I park?

The organizing committee has prepared a parking plan wherein which information are posted in strategic locations in the area. There are designated parking areas for cars, motorcycles, buses and even PWDs. Also, there will be parking attendants to accommodate your concerns. There is a fee for parking.

10) What time should I be there?

Gates open at 4:30am. If you are planning to watch a particular activity, make sure that you are at the venue at least 30 minutes before the scheduled activity. For instance, the hot-air balloon flights start at 6:40 am (based on schedule), so make sure that you are at the open field around 6am. Check the official program.

11) What are the best times to watch the balloons?

Again, depending the conduciveness of the weather, the hot-air balloons will start flying off between 6 and 7am although some may fly at 5:30am. The next time to see the balloons flying in is around 5:30 to 6pm. Don’t miss the Night Glows wherein the hot-air balloons will be tethered to the ground while background music plays.

12) Can I ride a balloon?

Yes, spectators are welcome to ride a hot-air balloon (also known as the discovery flight). However, this requires an additional fee and must be booked in advance.

13) Can we camp inside the venue?

Unfortunately, attendees are not allowed to stay at the venue beyond 10pm. Only the authorized personnel are allowed to stay inside the venue after the closing hours.

14) Can I bring my pet?

Yes, you can bring your pets with you. But, make sure to attend to the needs of your pets. Clean up after your pet. Don’t let it be a nuisance to others.


These are pretty much the basics of what you need to remember when attending the 19th hot-air balloon festival. Like what we always say, it is always good to ask so you’d be aware of the do’s and don’ts. Enjoy your day at the fiesta!


Image credit: Clark Philippines International Hot Air Balloon Festival Facebook Page