Explore the World: Four Excellent Reasons Why You Should Travel While Young

Explore the World: Four Excellent Reasons Why You Should Travel While Young


“What you have done becomes the judge of what you are going to do—especially in other people’s minds. When you are traveling, you are what you are right there and then. People do not have your past to hold against you. No yesterdays on the road.” –William Least Heat Moon

Travelling is an avenue for invigorating yourself and reigniting your sense of adventure.

It pushes you out of your comfort zone and encourages you to explore new boundaries and unchartered paths—and in ways you could not have predicted, it changes and transforms you. If you have never been anywhere outside your hometown—especially in your younger years, now is the perfect to time to go out and discover the world. Why? Because the rest of the world is definitely waiting for you and immersing yourself in its beauty is truly exhilarating. You might want to push this endeavor a little further once you have already established a career and perhaps settled down with a family, but that might be a little too late. After all, you would already have responsibilities and obligations weighing you down—so much so that you would barely have enough time for yourself to experience the other side of the world.

Indeed, if seeing the world in its splendor has always been a dream of yours, the time to do it is in your twenties—while you are still young and able. Go ahead and explore the world, go beyond doing food trips in Pampanga or nightlife in Boracay, explore the world. You are only young once, so it might as well be now. In any case, here are the reasons why you should travel in your twenties today:

1.) Life is short and the world is wide

While a hundred year can feel long, it is actually quite short if you do not do anything worth remembering in that century. The truth is, life is short and you may never have another chance to travel. Remember, when you are young, the world is basically your oyster. You barely have any responsibilities and nothing would seem to weigh you down. There is no guarantee of a long life or an old age, so might as well see the places you want to visit now while you can. As the famous adage goes, carpe diem!

2.) It inspires to you to become more independent

When you are in your twenties, you would no doubt be making your mark on the world. In this regard, you could either be establishing your career or wrapping up a chosen degree. With this in mind, you are compelled to become more independent—to walk on a path that is yours and yours alone without the influence of others. Traveling the world can vastly help you there as you would rely on no one else but yourself for decisions. It forces you to think for yourself and make decisions as you see fit. As a result, you will grow and become more independent in your endeavors.

3.) Creates an avenue for you to learn budgeting

Traveling young teaches you how to be frugal. No doubt, you would have a lot of expenses to make and you need to create a realistic budget wherein you can stretch the money you have brought along with you. Traveling while your young makes you a budget-conscious wanderer–a skill that can be very useful when applied in real life. Furthermore, it teaches you the art of haggling which you will inevitably do a lot of when you are in flea markets.

4.) It is not as expensive as you think

Many young people are under the impression that traveling would cost a lot of money and as a result would continue putting it off until they have earned enough money to be comfortable with a little travel spending. However, with budget airlines constantly on the rise and with the inception of online booking apps such as Airbnb, airfare, and accommodation prices have never been more affordable. With this in mind, it is very much possible to travel today as compared to decades ago. So, go ahead and book that ticket!


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