Eight Things You Often Forget to Do Before Leaving Home for Vacation

Eight Things You Often Forget to Do Before Leaving Home for Vacation

“Travel not to find yourself but to remember who you have been all along.” –Author Unknown

Wanderlust (n): A strong desire or urge to travel and explore the world.

As soon as you have booked that hotel reservation and that airplane ticket, you might be all psyched and hyped up for that getaway. However, before you even think of leaving home, there ought to be a few things you need to take care of. After all, just because you are going on an extended sojourn does not mean you can easily forget about your home’s safety and security. Remember, you are still coming home after all and if you want to come back to an intact home, it is best to make some preparations before going on your merry way. Unfortunately, most people get too caught up in the excitement and anticipation of the upcoming trip that they would often forget to do things that are pivotal to their home’s safety or in some cases, paramount to the smooth flow of their travel.

To some travelers, these things might be small and insignificant and can easily be overlooked as a result. But to seasoned travelers, this would contribute to a smooth-sailing holiday. So, before you go on a week-long Pampanga food trip or any other local or foreign excursion, here are things you need to do (but often forget to do so):

1.) Take photographs

You might think the idea of taking photos before you are scheduled to leave is ridiculous and absurd, but it is actually imperative. Today, with almost everyone possessing a smartphone with a camera, it would be inexcusable for you not to have backup photos of sensitive documents such as your passport, labels of your prescription medicine bottles, your flight itinerary or anything else you might need for your trip. No matter how organized you might seem, there is always a chance that you might lose an important document which is why backup is vital. In lieu of printing a myriad of stuff (as well as waste resources), go paperless and hassle-free by storing them all in your cell phone.

2.) Photocopy your passport

Sure, you already have a digital copy of your passport, but it is worth your while to have a copy with you as well. You would never know when they might demand an actual physical photocopy of your passport if ever you were to lose it. Furthermore, if you are required to leave your passport, you can always leave the copy instead of your original.

3.) Make sure you have adequate travel insurance for your trip

You might think that travel insurance is just another unnecessary expense off of your list, but in times of emergency, this can come really handy. With this in mind, you also need to make sure that your travel insurance has enough necessary coverage for your trip. In this regard, you can travel at ease and with peace of mind.

4.) Pay your bills before you leave

For extended travel excursions, make sure to pay off all of your bills—that is if you have not scheduled them for automatic payments. After all, utility companies might impose a late fee on those who cannot pay on time. Similarly, you do not want to get back to a home that might have its power or water cut off.

5.) Alert your credit card companies about your trip

To avoid having your credit card canceled by any of your international purchases, make sure to alert your credit card company about your trip. In the same vein, you might want to check with your debit card company and let them know when and where you might be traveling. Your preferred bank might have partnered with a foreign bank which allows you to withdraw cash sans the exorbitant foreign bank fee.

6.) Unplug all electronics

To avoid untoward incidents such as fires, unplug all of your electronics before you leave. Even when they are not in use, you should still disconnect them as the residual energy these appliances tend to use can cause a significant increase on your electricity bill and no one wants to come home paying a hefty electric bill.

7.) Eat or give away any food that might spoil

If you are looking at a particularly long travel escapade such as one that would last more than a few days, you might want to give out any food that might spoil in your fridge or maybe eat them yourself. Not only would you be making your neighbors happy with your homemade gastronomic and epicurean creations, but you will effectively eliminate any possibility for smells and bacteria wafting inside your fridge.

8.) Ask a friendly neighbor to look out for your home

If you do not have someone who can house-sit for you, then try to ask your neighbors if they can check on your home from time to time. While at that, you should leave an emergency contact number with them so that they can easily notify you when something is amiss. In this regard, ask them if they can do the favor of turning on some lamps for you at night or at least have some lights on to deter any thieves from marking your home as a target.


To facilitate a smoother flow of your travel itineraries, make sure you take care of the items listed above first.

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