Eight Good Reasons to Travel Alone

Eight Good Reasons to Travel Alone

“Travel does not become adventure until you leave yourself behind.” –Marty Rubin

A lot of us may have contemplated traveling alone, but it was never more than just a passing thought we entertained. We may have made plans and resolved to do it at least once in our lives, but our plans never fell through. For the most part, this is because of human as we are, we crave company and traveling alone might lead us to believe that it can be a lonely venture. However, you would be surprised as to how traveling alone can help you grow, discover more about yourself and at how much it can change your life. Go as far as the Philippines, visit Makati or wherever and reach the fullest depth of your potential by discovering more of the world.

While it can be daunting, the experience itself is also exhilarating, and once you have broken past your boundaries, you might just become addicted to the feeling. Travelling by yourself means having complete faith and trust in your capabilities. Furthermore, it is learning to rely on no one else but yourself, and in a sense, it offers you an avenue for introspection. So, if you have ever wanted to travel alone but were too afraid to give it a try, here are some reasons that might convince you to see the world.

1.) You will be more creative

You might be skeptical as to how this can happen, but when you travel alone, you would have more time to appreciate your surroundings better. You can truly soak up the world around you which would light your creative spark.

2.) You become more employable

Traveling alone fosters independence, a quality which most employers value in their employees. Moreover, modern employers have little care about the degrees you possess but would rather put more emphasis on what you have learned and the skills you have acquired.

3.) Improves your mental health

Traveling alone is good for your mental health. So, if you are depressed or recently have been struggling with your mental health, it would be a good idea to book a ticket and travel on your own.

4.) It is a form of detox from technology

We are constantly swarmed with various technology every single day and traveling is an effective way to shut that all down for a while.

5.) You will become more comfortable with yourself

Traveling alone means that you are your own company. When you spend a majority of the time with just yourself, you learn to be more comfortable in your own skin and your own mind. In a sense, you would start to embrace solitude by traveling on your own.

6.) You will learn to live out of your comfort zone

When you travel by yourself, you are effectively breaking down the boundaries you have set for yourself. The moment you say goodbye to your comfort zone, you would then realize how great the experience can truly be.

7.) You learn to face your fears

More often than not, solo travel compels you to put things into perspective. In this regard, you would then have to decide much of a weakness you have time for, and you would learn to adapt and be flexible—even when things do not go as planned.

8.) You will have a keen sense of self-awareness

When we have not seen the world, we tend to be self-centered about our problems and the way we live. Traveling alone and seeing how the rest of the world lives gives you a realistic sense of just how insignificant these really are. It makes you modest as you see just how tiny the place you occupy in comparison to the rest of the world is.