A Compilation of the Most Annoying Restaurant Pet Peeves

For some reasons, there are certain individuals, scenarios and situations in any restaurants in Manila that are enough to put you off the mood. We get it – we all have pet peeves. However, some pet peeves are so annoying that your only choice is to leave the place. Below is a compilation of the most common annoyances that diners loathe.



1) Dead insects, flying or crawling cockroaches or just any kind of bug. Sharing your meal with an insect is an absolute no-no. Eating insects is only acceptable if you are in Pampanga, that is adobong kamaru (mole cricket), and in South Korea and Malaysia.

2) Smelly comfort rooms. Comfort rooms and visible and yet they look nasty. What do you think how the kitchen looks and smells? And yes, this includes no toilet paper and toilets that don’t flush.

3) Late orders, forgotten orders and orders that are already taken, but unavailable. What worse than waiting for an order that takes forever to be served only to find out that the waiter forgot to write it down?

4) Sloppy table layout. Been seated next to the bathroom? Or the garbage bin? Is everyone walking the aisle bumping to your chair or table? Evidently, the layout of the entire restaurant is not an efficient one. Don’t let us sit on a sticky table or wobbly chair.

5) Unsystematic reservation system. Some restaurants are notorious for long queues. What will you feel upon knowing that your reserved table was given to some random walk-ins? Annoyed, definitely! Another annoying part: no reservation policy and no chairs on the waiting area.

6) Noisy and disruptive customers. Humanizing the situation is totally fine especially for the babies, tots and kids. What about loudmouths and raucous groups? Notably, the responsibilities of the staff don’t stop at sitting the diners and handing them the menu? They extend to handling unruly customers because they prevent others from having a quiet dinner.

7) Cash only. Way out of line! If mom-and-pops can accept cards, why can’t the big restaurant like yours? Don’t expect diners to carry a bulky wallet on a fine dining restaurant. It is not safe and very inconvenient.

8) Disdainful order-takers and servers. When asked what’s fromage is, the only thing that must be done is to answer the question. No blank stare, no rolling of the eyes as if telling the customers ‘this is a French restaurant; you should know what fromage is.’

9) Exaggeratedly chillax servers. Yes, it is a fancy restaurant hence people expect that the staff members are well-dressed, too. No one wants to see your staff’s toenail fungus. Eww! And please, tie your hair and don’t scratch yourself in front of me.

10) Hot food on cold plates and cold food on hot plates. The reverse is the right thing to do. Hot on hot and cold and cold. Never forget that.

11) Chipped glasses and dented silverware. Who wants to eat using a fork with bent tines? And oh please bring all the serviceware we need according to our orders.

12) Incomplete with condiments. So okay, the orders arrived completely. What about the shakers? Of course, we would appreciate handing us full shakers. Not crusted inside!

13) Clearing plates sooner than expected. Well, at least ask that you are going to take the plates. It is as if impliedly telling us that we should start the next course so we can leave early. Tacky, not classy! We don’t like slow service, but we also don’t like too fast service.


Evidently, there is a wide gap between the service delivered and how the customers expect them to be delivered. While this presents a challenge for the restaurant operators, be reminded that being in the restaurant business is hard work. It takes more than taking orders and serving food. The goal is ensuring that the customer experience is superb as it always should be.


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Image credit: North Jersey