A Compilation of the Most Annoying Movie House Pet Peeves

Who doesn’t love to watch a movie in the movie theatre? For some reasons such as the cinematic experience, there are movies that must be watched on big screens. Unfortunately, other people also want to have their share of that cinematic experience. If only you have the money to burn renting an entire cinema and watching Philippines movies, right? Ah, the good life! But because you can only pay for a seat (not a bad thing though), you must withstand the most common pet peeves while at the movie house.



Before we proceed though, let me share you a study of Today.com about people’s bad manners while at a movie theater. More than 20,000 votes were casted including those from film critics, and here are the results.

  1. Talking (61%)
  2. Seat-kicking (14%)
  3. Kids at inappropriate movies (12%)
  4. Texting (10%)
  5. Smelly or noisy food (3%)
  6. Others (1%)


Now, here are some of the most common annoyances while watching a movie. The ‘Others’ above may mean any of the following.

1) Sleeping / snoring while watching

Ever wonder why some people pay Php150 to Php450 for a movie they want to watch only to find them sleeping in the middle of the film? What’s worse, hearing them snoring loudly that basically subtracts to your enjoyment. You might as well use the money to pay for a room.

2) Endless local commercials instead of trailers

Believe it or not, the local cinemas are showing commercials during a gap and not movie trailers just like before. Moviegoers are being bombarded by too many advertisements that are more advisable viewing on free TV. Please, some of us go to the movie house early to see what’s coming soon. Limit the advertisements to a max of five.

3) Giving scene-by-scene live commentaries

Some people no longer know what whisper is. If you’ve got something to say especially if it is about the movie, then keep it to yourselves. We don’t need to hear it because, apparently, we are watching the same movie. And we don’t care if you have read the book, stop giving remarks on how it didn’t follow what’s published.

4) Telling what’s the ending aloud and ahead

This is true for any genre of movie although it is more common for horror flicks. We get it; this is your nth time seeing the movie. But, this is our first so don’t go spilling out the ending. We will get there ourselves. No one loves spoilers, right? You won’t like it if you were us.

5) Laughing their hearts out

Acceptable if it is a comedy movie. But then again, even if we are watching a funny movie, there is no need to stomp your feet especially behind my seat. What’s more annoying is when we are watching a drama film and yet your group is laughing at something that distracts us from watching. If you didn’t know it, your piercing laugh kills the momentum. Save the jokes at a later time; perhaps after going out of the cinema.

6) Occupying other’s seats

Movie houses of today are so sophisticated wherein you can choose which seats are most convenient for you and your group. With that said, you ought to sit down on your designated seats. And please, respect other people’s space. Don’t put your feet up at the top of my seat. Maybe we cannot do something about tall people seating in front of us, but we can always ask you to put your feet down.

7) Disregarding hygiene and sanitation

Bad odor and air conditioner is a dangerous combination. If you are going to watch a movie, at least make sure that you wash up. Also, make sure that you are disposing of your wastes properly.


What about you? What are your movie-watching pet peeves?


Image credit: YourMovieBuddy.com