Cebu Eats: Four Delectable and Appetizing Street Food to Try in Cebu

Cebu Eats: Four Delectable and Appetizing Street Food to Try in Cebu

“Street food, I believe, is the salvation of the human race.” –Anthony Bourdain

In a sense, street food is definitive of a City’s food scene. Albeit a bit on the cheaper side, street food is undoubtedly emblematic of a major metropolis’ culinary taste and preference. For this reason, foreign tourists and travelers would flock to street food stalls by the droves to sample some of their best offerings. In fact, it has been said that street food staples are as authentic as you can get. Sure, restaurant offers might have their own renditions of famous food dishes, but they are nowhere near as close as the savory and smoky taste of a roadside food staple. One particular metropolitan of noteworthy and savory street food dishes is Cebu where it has been said that their street food wares are a mixture of local and cosmopolitan favorites.

While Cebu is in by no means a food mecca, the city has its own fair share of mouthwatering and delectable food that would make anyone book a Cebu hotel purely just to go on a food trip. However, do note that not all street food items are the same. Some of them are far tastier than the others while there are some that would be worth trying at least once. In any case, if you are ready to go on a gastronomic Cebuano adventure, here are some of the street food items you should definitely try:

1.) Ginabot

Popularly known as Chicharon Bulaklak in Manila, the Ginabot has been delighting local and foreign palates for quite some time now. In fact, due to its phenomenal taste, it has been considered a mainstay in the metro’s street food scene. Some of the definitive characteristics of Ginabot are salty and incredibly crispy and more often than not, it is served by the side of the road. However, this street food is not for everyone though as these are fried pig intestines. So, if you think you are up for it, go ahead and give this well-known and beloved Cebuano dish a try.

2.) Tuslob Buwa

Another street food staple for food enthusiasts with an adventurous streak, the tuslob buwa literally translates to “dipping in bubbles.” A fusion of pig’s brain and various spices, sampling this dish is not for the faint-hearted. However, once you get over the initial gross-out factor, you would actually find that the street food tastes just like the sauce of your homemade pork stew. It is not too gamey nor is it overly cloying, but rather the taste is somewhat a cross between savory and sweet. It has been said that to enjoy this particular street food, it must be shared with others. In fact, in downtown Cebu, Tuslob Buwa is a communal street food where diners would simply get a piece of “puso” (wrapped hanging rice) and dip it into the hot pan.

3.) Siomai

Despite being largely Chinese in origin, Cebu has made its own famous rendition of siomai, a Chinese favorite. In fact, Siomai sa Tisa is one of Cebu’s most famous street food dishes that no list would ever be complete without including this famous and beloved street food staple. Unlike its Chinese dumpling counterpart from whom this favorite dish is inspired, Cebu siomai is dipped into soy sauce, and chili oil drizzled with calamansi sauce. The fusion of flavors makes this dish not only appetizing but exciting as well that Cebuanos and tourists alike cannot help but keep coming back for more.

4.) Lansiao

Do not let its unassuming appearance fool you as this street food is only for the hard core food adventurers. Known as Cebu’s counterpart to Manila’s world famous Soup number five, Lansiao is basically a stew of cow, bull or ram’s testicles. In fact, the name itself literally translates to the male reproductive organ in Chinese Fookien dialect. The soup is said to have some aphrodisiac and energy-boosting properties. So, if you have any of those two in mind, you might want to give this hearty soup a try.


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