Boarding Flights: What Flight Attendants Notice About You When Boarding a Plane

Boarding Flights: What Flight Attendants Notice About You When Boarding a Plane

“It is only when you are flying above it that you realize how incredible the Earth really is.” -Philippe Perrin


To us passengers, flight attendants look like seemingly happy and cheery individuals who are more than willing to lend us a hand should we need any help. They look calm, composed and almost ready for anything that might be thrown their way. But, as we make our own observations of these seemingly chirpy aviation crew, they themselves would also make assessments of their own as we board the plane. Which begs the question: What do flight attendants really think of us as soon as we enter the plane?

Well, you might be surprised at some of the things they notice about you. So, the next time you are planning to board a plane whether for an international flight or even a domestic one just to visit the Sandbox in Pampanga, here are the things the members of the cabin crew would take note about us:


1.) Whether you make eye contact or not

Typically, a flight attendant takes notice whether you look them in the eye in greeting them or not. Those that do not make eye contact typically makes a flight attendant a bit suspicious–not in the sense that you could be a personal threat but more on the fact of how comfortable you are in-flight. They might wonder whether you are scared of flying, if you are feeling okay, or if you are simply dealing with a personal issue. It might not seem much to you at the moment, but part of a flight attendant’s job is to ensure that everyone is having a safe and comfortable flying experience. In addition to that, flight attendants are more receptive to passengers who return their greeting and smiles as soon as they board. It shows common courtesy and they will really appreciate that. So, instead of being too absorbed with your phone, give your flight attendants a smile back too.

2.) If you are intoxicated

Among all the passengers that board the plane, flight attendants typically keep an eye out for drunk and aggressive passengers. Primarily, this is because you are not supposed to board a plane intoxicated as you might get aggressive. Secondly, you might prove to be a nuisance to other passengers with your drunkenness. So, if you smell like liquor or had way too much to drink at the airport bar, you might not be admitted inside the plane.

3.) Your luggage

There is a reason why there is a limit to what you can carry with you on board. Mainly, it is to ensure that your luggage would fit in the overhead cabins. In this regard, flight attendants would be sizing up your baggage to assess whether or not it would fit–particularly for the aircraft being used for the flight. Regional jets and propeller planes typically cannot handle normal sized luggage in the smaller sized overhead bins and would constrain you to pay for baggage excess. Similarly, flight attendants would be on the lookout if you are carrying any special items with you on board such as wedding dresses, musical instruments, and pets as this might mean they have to take extra care with your baggage.

4.) If you are traveling with children

If you travel with your little tots in tow, expect to be watched closely and carefully. The cabin crew would want to ensure that you are seated together and you will be promptly attended to should you need anything for the flight. Children under the age of two are not required to have their own seat and may sit on their parents’ laps to ensure that parents can monitor them as well.

5.) If you are pregnant

Safety issues aside, flight attendants would look out for pregnant women. They would notice how far along into the pregnancy you are and if you should even be flying. For this reason, pregnant women are required to have a special note from their obstetricians indicating that they are allowed and safe to fly. After all, it would be very much a hassle if you were to deliver a baby on board without a nurse and a doctor on board to help with the delivery.

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