Attending Mall Events With Your Kids

Shopping malls in Philippines host a great deal of events from mini concerts to autograph signing to movie promotions. Ayala Malls conduct events for the kids and kids at heart on a regular basis. Just recently, it staged a meet and greet with the cast of “Adventure Time made possible with its collaboration with Cartoon Network Asia Pacific. Expectedly, fans of Finn and Jake flocked the activity centers from May 2nd to July 5th.

For parents, attending mall events with your kids form part of the bonding. Despite so, there are specific things to consider.


1) Learn what the event is all about

Not because the flyers says meet and greet, it’s all there is. There will be side activities definitely. For one, you should determine if the event is free for all or not, and if not, how much will it cost. Do you have to purchase a merchandise first to enter the activity center? How many people can the activity center accommodate? Will it be too crowded? These are the must-knows.

Spare yourself and your kids from being disappointed by guiding their expectations.

adventure time at ayala malls

2) Determine which is the best day to go

If it is a one-time event, then you have no choice, but to go on the specified date. If the event will be held on different dates, then choose the best date for your kids. Saturdays are a common choice among the parents especially for parents with kids in primary school. Anyhow, kiddie events are usually held between Fridays and Sundays. Event organizers put information on the flyers and posters. When they don’t, simply ask them.

Consulting the event schedules is a wise idea so you’d know whether to eat before or after the event if food and refreshments aren’t provided by the organizers (for paid events).

Aside from this, you’d know what to dress your kids. Not all mall events are informal or casual. Some have their respective dress codes. Complying with the dress codes is one way of participating on the activities, so make sure that you and your kids are appropriately dressed for the event.

ayala malls event adventure time

3) Encourage them to participate in the activities

Kids are naturally shy and passive; they are usually the reluctant participants. While at home, you may prep your kids. Tell them which games they can join and they cannot, that is, if you have a list of what will transpire during the event. Tell them why they cannot join in a particular game.

Encourage your kids to appreciate the activities organized for them. This is one way of ensuring that your kids will have a good time while attending the event. Make it memorable for him or her.

ayala malls adventure time event

4) Remind them of the do’s and don’ts

Events can get so crowded, navigating your way can get difficult. As much as possible, have your kids wear something comfortable that allows them to focus on the event and not on their clothes.

Also, remind them to say “excuse me” when they have to. Don’t let them shove their way into the sea of people. Don’t let them block the way as well.

Remind them not to go elsewhere without your permission or without you tagging along. There had been so many cases of kidnapping at the mall, and surely, you don’t want your kids to be a part of the statistics. Kids can get ‘too curious’ at times, so check with them from time to time. Never get them out of your sight.


We have to thank the malls in organizing events that we and our kids love. However, you cannot pass all the responsibilities to the organizers. Do your part. Research the event before buying tickets or booking a seat. Surely, this is one way of ensuring a really enjoyable time at the mall.