A Traveler’s Guide: Getting the Best Hotel Room You Deserve!

A Traveler’s Guide: Getting the Best Hotel Room You Deserve!

A week-long vacation’s on the way, and your itinerary is ready.  Now, what?

Making the best out of your trip requires more than just identifying specific places you want to visit and foods you wish to try out. It also means preparing all the necessary reservations in advance to make sure you got a decent accommodation once you arrive at your destination.

Regardless if you’re traveling alone or bringing the whole family, making the arrangements a week before your scheduled arrival is a safe time span. Today, we’ll look into a short guide that will help you ward off the hassle in finding quality accommodation.

Reserve in advance. Visit the hotel or resort’s official website.

Even small and medium-sized hotels have their official Facebook pages or websites, so there is no reason why you can’t find one for a big establishment. It’s always recommended to visit the official site to guarantee the safety of your reservation.

Even if there are mobile apps that help you get a room, you can’t be sure of its quality. Chances are, they are the smallest units among the options. By going straight to the website, you’ll have the opportunity to browse through the gallery of the hotel’s rooms, facilities, and services. Some companies also have live chat support option so that anyone can drop a message for inquiries and support.

Compare price range and look for possible discount opportunities.

With the Christmas season on the way, it wouldn’t be a surprise to find several discounts and sales for various products. Same goes for hotel reservations. While this does not cover all room types, some companies offer their customers discount opportunities like when they reserve a room for the whole family.

Seasonal celebrations and business events also merit the availability of these discount opportunities. Before getting a room, take some time to ask customer service if there are available options where you could save.

Negotiate with the customer service support personnel or front desk operator.

You can’t underestimate the power of the reception officers to get you the best rooms. Some hotels allow their staff to make the call when it comes to special requests such as room transfers. If you’re initially denied of a place because it has already been occupied, do not just give up.

Negotiate and ask the desk officers if there are other rooms synonymous to your choice that is vacant. In some cases, they have spare rooms just to cater this type of requests. It’s fine to compromise. But make sure you’ve negotiated well with the customer support.

Ask to get notified of any vacancy of your preferred room type.

One of the primary reasons why advance reservation is encouraged is to have a window time in case changes happen. If you don’t get your desired room on the first call, you always have spare time to ask the receptionist for updates should any vacancy be available in the course of the whole week.

Peak seasons are always associated with a drastic increase in people visiting tourist hot spots. If you want to have a secure, comfortable and accessible accommodation, reserving it in advance is a good way to go.

Now those different hotels, resorts, and casinos are making their services available through the online reservation, there’s no reason why you should miss availing of the opportunity. For those who plan to come in groups, brainstorm with the rest and start canvassing for some good offers.

Hotels are likely to have more discounted packages for families and groups who plan on staying in their place for a couple of days. Make the arrangements ahead of time and save yourself the hassle!