A Quick Glimpse at the Pros and Cons of Travelling Solo

A Quick Glimpse at the Pros and Cons of Travelling Solo

Travelling has long been equated to adventure, and who doesn’t want to try one? In this age of social media, travelling means more opportunities to take great photos and videos, which you can then share online with friends, family members and literally the whole world.

Some people prefer the idea of going in groups while others like it better when done alone. Today, we’ll focus on what it means to travel solo and what you can do to maximize it to your advantage. Let’s look at a short list of its pros and cons.


  • You get to maximize the benefit of ‘me moment’- you only have yourself so you’ll have more time to meditate, spend time thinking, and basically give yourself a break from the hassle and bustle of the city life
  • You can travel at your own pace - There’s no need to be concerned with the timeline of other people. Whether you want to cancel a visit to favor a new alternative location is yours to decide.
  • You can pack as light as you need – You know your necessities best after all.
  • You get to stay at a place as long as you like without worrying about what companions may say – There’s no time limit to how long you can stay in a place. If you wish to stay longer so be it.
  • Provides you more opportunities to interact with locals – Observing the culture of one place becomes more convenient since you don’t need to worry on abiding with anyone’s schedule you get to talk to locals, make friends and so on.


  • Accommodation expense might be bigger – Usual accommodation charge you by room and not by the number of people. If you’re travelling alone, you miss the chance to dividing the expense among your companions.
  • For first timers, you might experience some ‘lonely moments’ – It’s not a guarantee that you’ll find lots of random friends on your trip and this could mean that you’ll be alone for some time.
  • Safety risks maybe greater since you don’t have a companion for immediate rescue – If you plan on embarking to highly physical activities like rock climbing, camping and zip lining, it may comfortable to have someone whom you could rely on to watch your back. Travelling alone doesn’t give you this convenience.
  • You won’t have anyone to share items with (ex: toiletries, first aid kits, etc.) – When travelling alone, you’ll have to bring all your necessities and wouldn’t have the option to borrow some items from friends in case you run out of some.
  • You won’t enjoy the convenience with having someone check out few things for you – Compared to travelling in groups, lone trip doesn’t allow you to delegate certain tasks among each other.

There are lots of opportunities for growth and learning when you travel. Whether or not you do it in groups or solo depends highly on your preference. If you’d like to make it a meditative act where you get to enjoy lone moments, then a solo trip is your best choice.

Weigh the pros and cons beforehand and decide whether or not you’re ready for a lone trip. You can’t specifically say if you like the experience or not unless you try it and asking different people who have experienced it firsthand is not a guarantee that you’ll have the same experience.

Bottom line

Travelling is a unique experience for everyone and you’re in direct control of how you wish to maximize your time spent on visiting foreign places. Plan the details of your trip and decide whether you wish to enjoy it alone or with your loved ones.

Make your trip away from your hometown fun and memorable!