8 Ways to Maximize Your Travel Fund

Traveling is fun and exciting. Hands down. What ruins our otherwise winsome plans is our constant worries about whether our travel fund would be enough to cover the entire trip’s expenses. While travels are inherently costly, there are specific ways to cut down your spending. Here’s how.

1) Book ahead

Airlines and even bus operators offer early bird booking discounts other than the on-going promo fares. Take advantage of these discounted fares by booking your travel at least six months ahead. Subscribe to the email newsletters and like the Facebook of airlines of your preference so you won’t miss any promo. Book at once when you found a promo that you really like.

2) Keep it standard

When traveling by air, book an economy class. Travel during the weekdays because the fares are cheapest during these days. Compare which flights offer the cheaper rates – a nonstop flight or direct flight. Nonstop flights are airport to airport flights without stopovers while direct flights are airport to airport to another airport flights. The stopover is usually to pick up and alight passengers. Always choose the more or most cost-effective alternative.

3) Travel by land or sea

Traveling by land endows any traveler the experience that no air travel can offer. In fact, you might get to see off the beaten track landscapes that you might not view otherwise when traveling by plane. One more thing, the buses and ferry boats often drop off the passengers right to the city centers, which is by far cheaper when traveling to and fro where you are actually going.

4) Attend a travel fair

Also called travel expo or trade show, one way to obtain the best deals in to attend a travel fair. Often, a fair will include hundreds of airline and hotel representatives in one place. Some airlines even provide up to 80% discounts on flights for on-the-spot bookings. If it gets too crowded and you have no time to spend in long queues, just collect flyers from booth to booth. After all, some deals are ongoing.

5) Buy a voucher

Online, you will see various getaway coupons and travel vouchers that you may use within a specified period. Take advantage of these as well because some sites offer as high as 70% off on in-country and out-of-the-country travels. Some deals even include round-trip transfers as well as hotel accommodations and passes to key attractions.

6) Book an AirBnB

If the hotel accommodation comes with the package, that’s fine. If not, you might as well skip the hotels and book family-owned bed and breakfast, for instance. Refer to AirBnB, which is a website that lists lodging, when booking a place to stay. It is always cheaper this way especially if are just renting out the place for a night or two. Anyway, you will be spending most of your time outside, so you might as well spend less on this.

7) Use public transportations

Hailing a cab is not always the best solution. Ride the bus or the train instead. Research on what the local modes of transportation as well. If the city offers unlimited passes, avail one. Also, ask the locals for directions. If the place is not that far, consider renting a bike or walking. Plan your itinerary logically so you don’t have to go back to where you are previously, forgetting that you want to go to this or that place.

8) Buy where the locals buy

Research on the popular places where the locals are actually buying their food from. Buy local produce and cook your lunch or dinner. When buying your fruits, veggies or snacks, haggle. Most market vendors are foreigner-friendly, especially when you asked about it in the local lingo. That’s instant connection working for you.

Who says traveling on a shoestring should be boring and expensive? Stretch your travel fund some more with these tips.