45 Reasons to Visit Laguna

There are thousands of places to visit in Laguna and thousands more things to do and sights to see. Truth is, Laguna is a home for delightful delicacies, magnificent waterfalls, stunning mountains and soothing hot springs, among others. Well, you should go and experience:


1 Dining and shopping at Solenad I and II

sierra madre2 Mountain climbing at Sierra Madre

3 Eating exotic foods like snails and snakes at Exotik Garden Restaurant

4 Eating sweet espasol

5 Attending the Flower and Garden Show where flowering plants are sold at very cheap prices, usually on Aprils and Decembers

6 Looking over ancient jugs, jars, jarlets, teapots and ceramic plates as well as brass flat irons from between 12th and 16th centuries at Pila Musuem

7 Boating, waterskiing, jet skiing and windsurfing  at Lake Caliraya, a man-made lake spanning its vastness on Cavinti, Lumban and Kalayaan

pagsanjan falls8 Feasting your eyes on mini falls and natural rock formations at Pagsanjan Falls while taking a boat ride passing over 16 rapid rides

9  Taking leisurely strolls at Japanese Garden

10 Exploring nature some more with trees and plants at Makiling Botanic Gardens located at University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB)

11 Exploring every ride and attraction at Enchanted Kingdom, the Philippine’s first and only world class theme park to date

12 Bird watching, biking, trekking, camping and hiking at Mount Makiling, a legendary mountain aptly named after its protector Maria Makiling

13 Strolling the streets of “one of the most important archeological sites in the country,” according to National Historical Institute (NHI) – Pila Heritage Site

14 Bird watching at the Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary, a 17-kilometer long forest zone

15 Attending Anilag Festival (Ani ng Laguna (Harvest of Laguna), showcasing the best of various towns in Laguna usually held in Laguna Day (March 10) at Sta. Cruz

splash island16 Exploring Splash Island’s water slides and rides which come in various angles and sizes

17 Watching cultural presentations of Philippine High School for the Arts  students at National Arts Center

18 Reflectingn and communing with God at St. Marc’s Chapel while at National Arts Center

19 Staying at Seda Hotel in Nuvali

20 Shopping for slippers, sandals and shoes in Liliw

21 Fishing, fruits and vegetable picking and attending organic farm lectures at Greens & Patches in Nuvali

22 Dining at Isdaan while viewing lanna art inside and hearing waiters sing

rizal shrine23 Revisiting history at Rizal Shrine, the birthplace of our national hero Jose Rizal

24 Chilling and drinking coffee at Kape Kesada Art Gallery which doubles as a coffee shop

25 Chilling at the grounds of UPLB through a weekend picnic

26 Swimming at Laguna’s hot spring resorts, most of which are located beside the National Highway

27 Playing sports including football, baseball and beach volleyball at The Fields

28 Discovering rice production research and development inside UPLB where International Rice Research Institute is currently located including its own museum called Riceworld

29 Discovering new specimens of flora and fauna at UPLB Museum

30 Eating puto (steamed rice cake) Biñan

hidden valley of alaminos31 Trekking at the Hidden Valley of Alaminos

32 Lake hopping at San Pablo City’s seven lakes although its most popular lake is Sampaloc Lake while overlooking at Mt. Cristobal

33 Taking a plunge at TayTay Falls in Majayjay

34 Buying pandan products in Luisiana

35 Buying paper mache, wooden sculptures and wooden slippers at Paete

36 Buying boxes of buko pie, which is what Laguna is most famous for, at the streets and/or souvenir shops

37 Doing a visita iglesia in various churches in Laguna

38 Biking or jogging at the Biking Tracks

nagcarlan underground cemetery39 Exploring the underground crypt called Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery where the Katipunerors (Filipino revolutionaries) held secret meetings

40 Eating kesong puti (cottage cheese) in Sta. Cruz

41 Wakeboarding at Republ1c Waterpark at Zone 3 Nuvali

42 Attending Burdang Lumban Festival that displays delicately embroidered barong tagalog and filipiñanas aimed to keep the embroidery tradition at Lumban

43 Rafting at Villa Escudero

44 Immersing yourself in Spanish culture through a visit at Villa Escudero Museum that houses the largest collection of Spanish artifacts

kamayan sa palaisdaan 245 Witnessing a seafood galore at Kamayan sa Palaisdaan while eating on floating restaurant-huts


Aren’t these reasons enough to visit Laguna? Anyhow, Laguna is just two hours away from Manila so no need to hesitate. It’s time you experience what we mean by saying it’s more fun in the Philippines and specifically in Laguna. Exploring Laguna is really F-U-N!