2014 Edition: Top 7 Cool Places to Travel During the Holiday Season in the Philippines

It’s the vacation season again! And perhaps there are a lot of adventures that are swarming up your heads right now because of that initial “where to go” dilemma. Most of you might be living in a very busy city in one of the Rockwell condominiums that are situated right in the middle of the metropolis. Maybe you are already fed up with roaming around malls  and wanted to take a break.  Or you are an adventurous person who is stuck in the city life because of some priorities to attend to.

Don’t fret because for this holiday season’s edition, we will be giving you some heads-up on the places that are still top on the list for most vacationers who want to spend some time away from the hustle of the city life.


Situated in Ilocos Sur, this majestic city is known as the Old World City. With its centuries-old structures, Vigan serves as a breathing reminder of what was once a royal city, as being one of the earliest Spanish settlements in the country.

Image Courtesy of etravel.ph

image by etravel.ph

For those who are seeking to relive the past and are interested in history and culture, Vigan retains as much of the patina of the 18th century Castillan architecture remarkably Mena Crisologo Street. You can have a tour around the city by walking or riding a ‘kalesa’ to your destination.


Because of its chilly weather due to its location in such heights, Baguio, despite being known as the ‘Summer Capital of the Philippines’ where travellers usually visit during the heat season of the year in the country, is still always a go-to-place to travel, along with your family and friends and enjoy the delightful temperature it can offer.

Since it is going to be a bit colder during the holiday season especially that the year is almost ending, Baguio will be one perfect place to relax and enjoy.


With its rich scenery along the mountain ranges of Cordillera and its high altitude, no wonder this place is described as “where land merges with the clouds to meet the heavens”. Popular attraction that anyone would be familiar of is the Banaue Rice Terraces where it is coined as ‘the stairway to the sky” by most people who have gone there.


image by  mingsworldtravel.biz

This place is an impeccable reason why you should have a getaway from all the busy stuff that the city life gives you. It is one place where you can escape, soul-search and even take time to relax because of its peaceful ambiance.


Rich with bountiful resources, abundant wildlife and extraordinary natural sceneries, Palawan has become one of the best go-to places of the year. And with the accessibility that is commonly present because of inbound regular flights coming in, it has become easier for tourists and adventurers to explore Palawan more.

A good time to go to Palawan starts around the week of December 8 since the town of Puerto Princesa celebrates the Immaculate Concepcion feast. What makes it more interesting is that there is not much ‘night-life’ in Puerto Princesa during any other time of the year. Hotels charge peak season rates especially during the regular summer season, so it would be a fun-time to visit Palawan during off-peak season to avoid over-crowded areas.

Camarines Sur

One of the Philippines’ newest and fastest growing adventure tourism spot, Camarines Sur is a place where travelers will be treated to dramatic coastlines and islands that they will surely enjoy. A variety of hefty sports and adventure activities can be done with family and friends.

image by shnappy.wordpress.com

image by shnappy.wordpress.com

Other than doing sports and outdoor activities, Camarines Sur is a home to two dormant volcanoes, Mount Isarog and Mount Asog. You can choose to have a hiking experience over adventurous trails. This place is also popular for its Camsur Wakesports Complex.


This has blossomed into a choice tourist destination because of its many leisure establishments that one can make full advantage of due to its sea-valley-mountain location. It has its metropolitan feel yet on the other hand, one can feel the relaxation once you have explored the northern or southern points of the province where you can experience the lush islands and islets with fringed sandy beaches and clear blue waters.


image by philippines-hotels.ws


With its very laidback feel, Davao is a place where the famous Kadayawan Festival is being celebrated every August. It showcases the natural and cultural bounty of the land as also seen on the faces of Dabawenyos.

Rich for its agricultural industry, Davao has been a major exporter of bananas, citrus, mangosteen and other tropical fruits. With this, one can feel the province vibe it offers which makes it a reason for you to escape and relax.

For adventure junkies or just for someone who wants to have a break and make use of the holiday season perks, these places are just among the many other beautiful places the Philippines could offer. Among others are the tourist attractions in Tagaytay, the beautiful white sand beaches of Boracay and many more. One will surely enjoy the many weekend getaway destinations, which only this country can offer.