11 Food Choices in Cebu That are Cheap and Will Surely Leave You Crazily Satisfied

For every Cebuano, there is always that food in mind to be craved. And whether you just partied and want to sober up or just want to chill like a villain with your friends, there are go-to places in Cebu where you can easily munch and experience a fantastic and one of a kind eating experience. Well, there are a lot of restaurants in the Philippines such that there are also Ayala properties like their malls, for example, that you can visit. But mind you, there are quite a lot of places to eat and explore in Cebu. All you got to do is to be brave enough to look, walk and discover!

Here are some 11 places I can think of that will surely leave you kickingly interested!


This is definitely what makes Cebu quite the talk of the town. And even though Larsian is not really ranking the best or the most popular in the list, but it surely deserves to be on the top spot. What is more typically Cebuano than this place? You get to expect hot and delicious food at a very valuable cost, ranging from chicken to pork barbecue. You cannot completely say you are a Cebuano or you have visited Cebu if you haven’t tried this place yet. It gets even more pumped up during dinner or late hours since some people come here after having a night of partying.

image credit by ivanhenarres.com

image credit by ivanhenarres.com

Siomai sa Tisa

This is one special food anyone should be able to experience because, why not? It is cheap and delicious not mentioning the amount of chili sauce that covers (literally) your siomai. You can head to Siomai sa Tisa in Labangon and there are a lot of stalls there where you can sit comfortably, street-side. Don’t forget to take grub with a few puso and finish it with a refreshing Mountain Dew or Sparkle. Wow! That was yummy!


Handuraw Pizza

This is one of my personal favorites. Aside from having a very accommodating staff and their beer below zero, Handuraw is a place made-from-heaven with their one of a kind pizza recipes. Yes! They create homemade pizzas which can be direct competes with the commercial pizza chains. With their ever thin crusts and uber-full toppings, one would expect to have a very full-stomached dining experience. Their mojos are also awesome, topped with their buffalo spicy wings!


Silogan ni Gian

Normally, I seldom see students from the University of San Carlos lining up for this food store. It’s actually a tapsilogan, which is quite a new trend here in Cebu (because the thought originally came all the way from Luzon), but Silogan ni Gian is a homegrown Cebu tapsilogan store that serves almost 24 hours of home-cooked food!


image credit by ph.openrice.com

Abuhan (Dos and Tres)

A very quaint place to dine with the family or with friends or alone (if you op to!) but hey, this one’s a true homegrown Cebu delish. Their sizzling pochero is to die for! A bit pricey though but it’s totally worth it! Usually recommended by a lot of visitors (from Manila and all over the country who visited Cebu) to try this place.


Pungko Pungko

This may be your cheapest and quickest way to filling that famished tummy of yours. Whether it is in Lahug or in Mango (near the Redemptorist), it is still a delicious grub, although it really isn’t for everyone. Locals find this way of eating a very fun and enjoyable when when shared with friends. But hey! The food, especially the ginabot (if cooked well) is entirely a tasty choice that is to die for.

image credit by tenminutes.ph

image credit by tenminutes.ph

Sinangag Express 

Just like the tapsilogan, this food chain is a very affordable haven of good and cheap food. You can pick many variants of silog plus you can enjoy it with a free hot soup!


Ding Qua Qua

A buffet style of sorts, this quaint dining place is a collaboration of the Dimsum houses here in Cebu. True that there are a lot of good food choices around this place. Serve Chinese food and some other familiar Filipino cuisines, which are really good! Located at JY Square mall which is very much accessible especially to our friends in the BPO industry who want to chow for quite a big amount with friends.

image credit by marvelgrindingwriter.blogspot.com

image credit by marvelgrindingwriter.blogspot.com



Another pocherohan place; very affordable and easy to find store along Mango Ave., especially for those who wanted to sober up after an enjoyable night out.


Kusina Uno

Said to be home of the original pocherohan in town (yes they are claiming it too!), Kusina Uno serves the best tasting pocheros, among others. And mind you, it’s open 24 hours so you can go and satisfy your cravings anytime you want!


Orange Karenderia

Yes, it is a karenderia known for affordable homemade viands that are freshly cooked. But guess what? Orange Karenderia is not your average karenderia; it is a place where you can feel the warmth and flamboyant colors, matching their accommodating staff and really good food! You should try their Betsy’s Garlic Chicken and their oh-so-yummy sisig! But nevertheless, the food they serve is great and all right for your budget!

image credit by hotels-in-cebu.com

image credit by hotels-in-cebu.com

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